So far 2012 has seemed to last more than 9 days to me; maybe it’s the fullness that I am seeing in each day.  In 9 days I have spent more time at home, more time watching my children and praying for them, more time being next to that man of mine and praying for him, more time memorizing His Word and praying it; so, maybe I haven’t spent the time, perhaps I’ve lived it.  I have woken up early (and so have little children…apparently that was their New Year’s resolution!) to meet with Him in unplanned ways.  I am not currently going through any Bible Study; so, until today, it has been a little of this and a little of that.  It’s kind of fun to dabble a bit, waiting on Him to lead you to what is next.  Today I am just laying out what I feel God is saying “Yes” to for my days right now.  I have needed to sit still before Him and listen to Him give me my “course schedule” because I have a tendency to gather all the materials I need for all the interests I have.  All of these “interests” are wonderful, good activities, but they aren’t all for now.  Just as I’ve had to weed out some of my son’s curriculum this year (maybe Spanish and Latin and a 3rd grade level Word’s study isn’t necessary at the same time for a 2nd grader!  apparently I would really love to do it, so God has taken my mounds and simplified them to the “enoughs”.  So in the first month of the Year of Today is the Day...


Counting His gifts…always thanking Him for the multitudes of His grace whether by written words, quick tweets, or snaps with my camera.

Mornings with Him to include (but not limited to) reading through the Bible chronologically (this was suggested by a friend…and God hasn’t let me forget her words), reviewing Colossians, memorizing Psalm 119, maybe finishing this, and alway, always prayer like this!  (I’ve wasted too much time speaking vain words; it’s time to give Him my words!)

Schooling.  Some days will include more History than Language Arts or more Math than Latin or maybe none of those, but all days are to be about learning.  God always has more to teach us while we’re here on Earth; I hope our children will become forever students (and eventually forever teachers), sitting at the foot of their Creator with ears, hearts, and minds wide open.

Living the time by hugging them more, looking into their faces when they talk to me, playing more games, reading more together, tickle times, adventures together, serving together, learning together, laughing together, praying together, studying and memorizing His Word together, worshipping together!


Gathering together with the Church at least once, if not 2-3 times, a week.

Discussing a study I’m going through with my husband.

Showing hospitality.  (Not sure how that’s going to look yet…waiting for Him to show me.)

Writing in this place; working life out on these “pages”.


To advocate for Compassion International via Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, or another avenue that God may show me.

To feature a mission on one of my posts.

To refer to The High Calling and it’s resources and/or posts.

To recap each month in the Year of Today is the Day.

To date my husband and my children.

To try to spend less each month than the one before.

To try to give more each month than the one before.

To get to know one new person (wow, 12 new acquaintances or friends by the end of 2012!)


Ahh, and here I thought I wasn’t a part of enough!  Most of these can be done within my own home; though, some do require me to open that door of mine. (Thank goodness!)  We’ll see how it all unfolds; I hope the “story” ends well!  Have you sat still and allowed Him to add or delete in your life?  I pray you will…

30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Matthew 11 NIV


Just a few endnotes…

I have recently joined the High Calling Community.  You’ll notice the button to the right of my home page.  There are so many blog communities out there – many that I admire and would love to be a part of.  Alas, I can only live so many moments in a day…and even fewer in front of this screen.  So, I’ve joined a community of communities.  Many bloggers contribute here, and on any given day you can find just the place you’re looking for.  Slow though it may be, I am going to get to know a few people and “go” a few places starting right here.  Hop on over and check it out; maybe it’s a place you could feel welcome too.

I have recently taken the dare…The Joy Dare.  I want to share this “gift” with all of you – who wouldn’t want to open up a bit of Joy?

So, here’s to the beginning of my Dare while continuing the multitudes…1(1561)-27(1587)

extra moments to share Christ with Christopher

a timely Word on His Word and victory (Beth Moore)

taking time to pet the dogs

frustration…which led to

seeking forgiveness…which led to

receiving my little boy’s forgiveness and

His too

fun time at Aaron’s basketball practice

a real friend who I can be really real with

watching cartoons with Hannah on an early Saturday morning

the smell of the bathroom after the showers are taken

Nathan’s love

all 3 boys playing basketball

good friendships

Hannah telling me all the clothes she needs, to go outside on a cold day

Hannah singing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”

Christopher initiating worship in the van

time to make a home clean and cozy

snow clouds gathering

walking upstairs to see the snow falling with Aaron

slowing down with Christopher

time spent with Nathan, talking over spiritual struggles

Hannah holding those stuffed animals so closely

all of the boys coming down the stairs

watching Aaron and Hannah draw on the sidewalk with chalk

reading a book with Christopher on the couch

a surprise for the kids – pizza for supper and pop tarts for tomorrow’s breakfast

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