• Yes, I want Him to smile, too. I want to look on Him, trusting that He will give me pure thoughts and beautiful words, when I rest in His presence. Thank you! Bless you!

    • Anastasia

      and thank you!

  • Pam

    Yes, that we will make Him smile! šŸ™‚

    • Anastasia


  • Hot air balloons always make me smile and so does Jesus šŸ™‚ Perfect picture for that verse! Thank you for sharing!

    • Anastasia

      Thank you! So glad to have you stop by!

  • To feel His pleasure and delight over me, to know that I make Him smile, this too is what I want. Thanks for linking up today.

    • Anastasia

      So glad to! Love me some “fresh brew” and some “life”!

  • Made ME smile just looking at the balloons and the lovely colors. Can’t be saddened, but CAN be gladdened.

    • Anastasia

      Oh yes, yes, yes!!!

  • I love that prayer!! Nice picture too.