Love cannot be this way.  This living in constant fear… Perfect love – YOU – casts out all fear.  Love trusts.  True love does not give us a tight rope or egg shells to walk on – it gives us wings to fly and a firm foundation to walk on…  I have lived all the things that love is not; Father, I don’t want to be a scared little girl anymore!  I want to fly and stand on a firm foundation.  Daddy, help me…to love and live in love.  In Your Name the earth trembles and demons flee and people are healed and brought to life.  In Your Name, Jesus, may I live in true love so that I can truly love those around me.  Take every thought captive and drown it in Your love!


Continue to break off all the lives I’ve tried to take on.  Open my eyes, mind, and heart to Your vision of me.  I want to be who You created me to be.  I just get caught up in being impressed with the impressions of others that I don’t know if I’m living the life You want for me or not.



The days go quicker for me; a lot of the time I just feel nothing is enough. Other times I feel the richness of being content in the place(s) and circumstances God has set me in. All evidence that we are not truly home yet, but we know where home is.


I think…I’ve got to go…smaller…simpler… I think I’ve got to stay in “Jerusalem” for awhile.  And for someone who’s always wanted to jump straight to Samaria and the ends of the earth, this is going to require Your grace, patience, and teaching.  I need Your heart for the right here…  Just as Your heart broke and beat lovingly for Jerusalem, lead my heart to do the same for my own Jerusalem.

*taken from my journaling in Whispers of Hope