Ok, after months of not writing anything, hardly even in my journal, I have found that I need my ‘outlet’ once again! I am not supposing “greatness” just a time to express thoughts that get bundled in my mind and many times lost when they don’t get “put out”. My prayer this time is for God’s glory to be manifested each time. That may be in the whole of a post or as was common for David’s psalms at the realizations and praises at the conclusion of them.

I have changed my title to just “Words”. Anyone from college during the time Nathan and I were at Central will recognize that title – it comes from a song Three Days Under sang. It was a song “written” by a friend of ours and remembered by his campers (I believe that’s right). It revolves around the chorus, “May the words of my mouth and the thoughts of my heart be pleasing to you oh God…” This is my anthem, if you will, for as of late many of my words and thoughts have not met those standards. And so I pray with complete humility and earnestness that this song/psalm will guide my manner each day. I pray that it will also guide this blog. I do want my words to be pleasing to Him and by that I also mean them to be encouraging, challenging, and loving towards others.
I have several posts in mind, but I am trying to limit my time on the computer while Nathan and my boys are awake, so they may still come occasionally until I get a good system, but nevertheless, they will come.
As a side note or an * here, I do not dare suppose that my words are a must read! I can’t promise profoundness or claim any daily “inspiration” – I truly just want to write things on my mind with the hope that God will use them for His glory!
That leads to another side note that I’m borrowing from a blogger that I have come to highly respect (click here to read her blog), anything that is “good” on this site is from God and anything that is “ugly” comes straight from this lady’s heart. I on my own have nothing to give that will honor him (I have seen the reality of that truth so clearly these past few months), but praise God He has redeemed me and continues to sanctify me. I am not lost, but found in Him.
So I ask any reader to be quick to forgive and slow to judge and loving with comments:) “He’s still workin’ on me!”
So until later today or tomorrow or until all are settled and I happen to still be able to keep my eyes open to write anything,