A slow-paced weekend begins to close. Sunday morning arrives with expectation. The sun shines though the wind gusts. Children laugh and play. Adults wake slowly, sleepily. The coffee gets made, the breakfasts are served, and the Bible opens. I review my lesson…teaching Kindergarten through fifth graders. Objectives: the account of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead; God’s timing is perfect – trust His timing; it’s all about God’s glory (recognition). God reminds me of the past two days; I finally hear. “Wait.”

We head to meet with The Church, all seems easy, sweet, right. All finishes and I run into a couple where the husband has returned from Iraq for awhile (or hopefully for good). He continues to seek a job here where he can live with his family and support them; we pray. I overhear another couple making marriage plans. I say ‘Goodbye’ to a friend who is taking a much needed vacation. We head home.

A simple lunch, a nap, another cup of coffee with a good read. The winds have been howling and blowing all afternoon…the fence gave up…(smile). The sun was shining through the windows; then, the news. Some friends of ours son was shot while taking a walk near his Bible College. He’s going to be fine, but nothing seems ‘fine’ about this! Then, with a quick glance on Facebook to check out how he is doing, we read of other friends who have been in a car accident. The clouds cover the expanse, snow blows in an outside that was around 80 yesterday…I watch out the window as I sit by lamplight on my couch.

Words come to mind…amazing, crazy, confused, sadness, wonder…WAIT…still wait. Wait for what? The same thing Jesus waited for those days that Lazarus lay sick until he died- God’s glory. But Jesus Your timing seems way off here! Wait. Father, what good is really being accomplished with this? Wait. Longer, really longer…it’s been long enough! Wait.

Then, I utter the question that comes next, though it comes quietly and almost ashamedly, “God, where are You?”. The response comes swiftly…’here, always here…there, always there…if you are mine, where you are, I AM! (He has never told me to wait on His presence, maybe the feeling, but never the Person…”I am with you always…”). I believe.

“So I wait for You…I wait for You…”.
“To God be the glory…so loved He the world that He gave…His Son…Praise the Lord!”

Glory: ‘doxa’…recognition (of God); the glory (recognition) shown from within reflecting the appearance which attracts attention…

Jesus was the ‘glory’ of God…one knew God when they knew Jesus. The miracle of raising Lazarus would bring God glory – recognition. We are to live a life that glorifies – recognizes God. Do people know God when they know me? We are to share in His glory. Jesus is known by His Father; we are known by our Father. So, if I wait – if we all wait, this will all end in glory? I believe. “So, I wait…”