Where His Glory Meets the Cement (How the Redeemed really worship…)

Most week day mornings begin the same.  Our alarm goes off at 5:00 am, we hold each other for about 10-15 more minutes, and then slowly, we get out of bed.  Nathan prepares to head to the gym, and I prepare the morning coffee and light the lantern and candles for my “alone time” with Father.  I sit in that brown leather chair with a quilt pulled up over my legs and grab my scripture memory booklet.  James begins my day – I think my workout may be way more intense than my man’s…(smile)!  He comes down the stairs, we hug, and he heads out while I pour my first cup of coffee from the Perk.  I settle back down in my chair and open up to my next Chronological Reading of the Bible.  (I’m in Proverbs now…a pouring in of the food that really sustains me!)  When I finish up, I usually head down stairs where the computer is, in an effort to read or write something.  Some time during my typing I usually hear little feet coming down the stairs.  They come to the top of the basement stairs and reach their little arms out.  I go and pick up my “Grace” Joy and set her down on the couch.  We turn on a PBS or Disney Channel show for a bit, and I try to finish up a few more words.  I keep a close eye on the clock, though, because at 7:00 a.m. I have an important appointment!

Six years – it has taken six years for Father to woo me out on these morning dates.  We moved into this house soon after moving to Colorado.  Since then we have tried to sell, tried to purchase another home, tried to make repairs to this one, and basically just tried to be content here.  I have went through seasons where I found that “comfort and peace” that my counter-top sign states, and I have been through seasons when all I could see was what was wrong about “here.”  One of my longings has always been a porch – a wrap around porch mind you!  One where I could hang ferns and overflowing hanging baskets.  One where I could place rocking chairs and little tables about.  One where I could sit and rock and observe – even in the rain.  So, for a long time, I detested those gray, cement steps that led up to our front door.  I used them when necessary, tried to pretty them up with potted plants and pumpkins and such, but other than that, I never paid much attention to them.

Then, we had a little girl.

The Summer after Hannah was born was the first time, I think.  It was around 7:00 in the morning, and I had gotten Timothy ready for the school bus to pick him up for Summer School.  I gathered Hannah up and sat outside with her and the rest of the boys to wait the bus’s arrival.  We did that for the weeks Timothy was in Summer School.  Then, every once in a while we’d go out to wait for Daddy to get home from the gym.  A day here or there might find us out on the front step but nothing regular.  It must have been sometime last Spring or Summer when I took up the “date” as more of a tradition rather than a novelty.  I was so excited for Spring to come; I had planted some perennials the year before and was ready to see them bloom!  So, Hannah and I would hug each other beneath our jackets and shared quilt and wait for Dad to get home.  We could watch the sun bring color and further beauty to Pikes Peak.  We could see its rays bring to light the full buds on trees and plants that hadn’t opened yet.  We could watch the birds…the sparrows!  Over every mountain peak or flower to come into bloom, it has been the sparrows that have been my greatest nature-joy in the mornings.  I would go out to sit on that step sometimes with a heavy heart, and they would fly around in their freedom and somehow lighten my load.  I could be sitting in pure bliss, and the sparrows and I would just join our wildly, joyful hearts in worship to Creator-Father.  I have sat there wondering how this or that would be provided for, and not one or two, but a whole flock of sparrows would swoop in and out of our pines.  It’s in the sparrows where I’m reminded of His care, love, and watch over me.

Now that it has turned colder in the evenings and mornings, I put on my knit-hat, my fleece jacket, my slippers, and my quilt.  I grab a hot cup of coffee and sometimes my ipod for pictures and head out to the top step.  It is there, on that gray, cement step that I neglected for years, that I “enter His sanctuary.”  That’s exactly how it felt last week as I looked out at the mountain, over at the tree who’s leaves were falling all around, and at the dance of the sparrows.  I believe I had some instrumental music playing beside me, and I just sat there praising in His presence!  My heart was full, my eyes too, and I could just imagine stepping right into heaven at that very moment!  Imagine!  Worship, right there, without a band, a minister, chairs and a table, or walls to close me in.  I was being led in worship by the very One I was worshiping – God Almighty, Jesus Redeemer, Spirit of Truth, Father!  Sunday’s are wonderful!  I love meeting with the Church to praise God together…to learn from Him together.  But if that’s all I had to live on, and I have tried to live off of that before, my life would be stale, hollow, and disabled.  Worshiping Him in our alone time sets in motion a day of worship…every day tasks become worship.  Isn’t this really how the Redeemed Worship?  Making everything from their rest to their labors an adoration of Him!


All becomes His glory because there is glory in His presence!