If I were sticking to a Type A style I would begin with the oldest child and go until the youngest OR I would do just the opposite. Instead, I will begin with the one that’s at the forefront of my mind.

Aaron Reed: “bearer of light”…no one could disagree. He has ever been a little roll-ee, a bit dramatic, and seriously funny! He met a mother who had been seasoned; hence, “he got the better mommy.” He dealt with very little post-pregnancy madness. Instead this #3 boy got more smiles and comforting words at midnight feedings, more understanding during restlessness, more tickles and giggles instead of bits and pieces from a hurried mama. He got more of the good…less of the mess.

God uses all of my children to humble, correct, rebuke, restore, train, and equip me in some way. This “one” is full of lessons. Aaron reminds me to lighten up, when I smile-really smile; when I laugh-be hearty with it! Always be doing something (that can include a good rest), always engage, don’t forget passion! Get involved…don’t wait for someone to invite you. It’s okay to be heard! Be independent but do it with someone. Look at the pictures!

Most recently this “little light” has reminded me of how I must constantly look in the mirror to make sure what I reflect to others is of the “higher way”…because be assured, they are watching! Unfortunately there have been many times I haven’t looked quick enough, and instead I see a poor reflection in the manner of one or all of my children. (Was that really me throwing that fit, crying uncontrollably, pitching the toy across the room because I couldn’t get it to work right…) Thankfully, there are redeeming moments when God encourages this fallen mama.

This past week Aaron has been joining me on the couch in the wee small hours of the morning instead of his brothers downstairs for a PlayHouse Disney hour. There we sit, with my coffee and ipad and Bibles and books… He lets me read and meditate and muse and pray while he scrolls through pictures of others’ lives on different blogs that I follow. Then, he grabs my Bible when I’ve set it to the side and says, “It’s time for me to read my Bible now.” He eagerly grabs the brown leather Book, turns the pages as if he really is “eating” all that nourishment, then after 5 or so minutes, he lays it down and says I’m done…until he picks it up again. I may grab it again for a few more “scraps” myself, and as I’m reading quietly he speaks into my ear, “Read the words, Mom!” And so I begin speaking words aloud that I know he doesn’t get yet but needs to hear anyway…that I know I don’t fully get yet, but need to hear anyway. Ahhh, yes…

…Mama thanks you Aaron.