What I Learn From My Children Part 3

“My cup overflows!” Today, as Nathan’s Father’s Day celebration, he wanted to take the kids to see Toy Story 3. We don’t do this often due to family size (5 and baby), but we enjoy it when we do. I will skip forward to after the movie so I don’t ruin it for those who have not seen it and give you my latest lesson from Christopher (age 6).

Without giving anything away, the end of the movie left quite an impression on Christopher (me too, but that’s a mom’s sentimental heart). So much so that when we got home, and after the kids told Dad thank you for the movie, Christopher came down stairs to talk to Nathan but instead began crying. We weren’t exactly sure why and then he said, “I want to give all my toys away.” With tears in my eyes I listened as my quickly growing little man told Dad that he wanted to give them away right away – today – to children who didn’t have the toys he did. He was even able to think of a friend right away who he was sure didn’t have Thomas the Train stuff. We finally convinced him that we could go through all his toys tomorrow and set some aside to give away, but we just couldn’t do it today.

I can’t tell you how much I wanted to drop to my knees at that moment, hold that little boy God gave me, and thank Him till I had no words left. I do sometimes wonder if anything “godly” gets through to my children; I spend so much time doing the cleaning, correcting, fixing, instilling, losing my patience and self-control, asking forgiveness for Mommy’s mistakes… Today God gave me a sweet gift (and Nathan too) by watching a little boy who absolutely adores Thomas the Train being willing to give them all away!

I don’t know how his toy box will look after tomorrow (I don’t think we’re going to let him give it all away!) but I am so proud of this little prayer-warrior, this Christopher David, this “gift of God”.