What I Learn From My Children Part 2

My children are my teachers in so many ways – daily. Since we are “to be like little children” I guess I better start sitting up a little straighter (or down on the floor a little more) and paying attention! Here are some ways my children are helping me to learn…

Hannah:…how to view life. The two landscape pics are what I get to see as I look out Hannah’s window. I sit and rock my little “Grace” Joy and see life in a magnificent and simple way. Very “organic”, very peaceful, very beautiful. The world is my gift from God and my opportunity to give it back to Him daily as I enjoy it and make the most of where God has placed me and what He has given me.

Aaron:…how to live extravagantly simple! These are Aaron’s slippers. They are actually hand-me-downs from someone else as well. Christopher wore them some, but Aaron has really enjoyed them! This is summer time, and though we’ve had a cold spell recently, today is in the upper 80’s! Nevertheless, Aaron pulls out his winter pajamas and slippers and says “I’m dressed, Mom!” As I see the toes of my little boy (about to turn 4!) poking out of these red slippers, I am reminded of how little in life I really NEED and how often I replace things when really I could do with what I have a little (or a lot) longer. (He even sleeps with these on…even if he’s just wearing shorts and no shirt!) Ahh, to live life like a little child!

Timothy:…to appreciate the gift of words. I have thousands of words running through my head on any given day – or 5 minute span for that matter! I have tons of prompts for blogs, lists to be made, ideas to share, people to contact, etc. I have so much on my mind that it makes words go very fast and sometimes I wonder at the end of it all if I’ve said anything of worth! Then, my little boy, who also has so many words running through his head (though he has to work to get them out appropriately) comes up to me for a good 15 minutes and talks and talks and talks to me about everything! Then he ends with “Ok Momma!” I have to stop what I’m doing and really pay attention if I’m going to catch all of his words and make sense of them. Sometimes I have him slow down and learn the right words to say to relay his thoughts. But, at the end of our chat I realize God has answered my specific prayer for Timothy…that he would learn how to have conversations. Ahh, Amen.

Christopher:…how to love with your creativity! These two lego objects were Christopher’s gifts to Nathan for his birthday. He says they are light sabers. He also likes to make other people gifts and cards if we go to their house or they come to ours. (He got this sweet desire from his best friend from kindergarten.) So many times I try and think of the wonderful thing I can do for someone else…what would they like…how much would that cost? Christopher’s gifts = $0.00 but their impacts are more than can be counted. Christopher tries to remember what his friends like and then create them with what he has. How selfless, how creative, how “love-ly”.

“Thank you Father for the many wonderful teachers in my life and especially for the 4 who walk with me daily.”