“He went out, not knowing whither he went…” (Hebrews 11:8)

Have you ever been “out” in this way?…You do not know what you are going to do; the only thing you know is that God knows what He is doing. Continually revise your attitude towards God and see if it is a going out of everything, trusting in God entirely. It is this attitude that keeps you in perpetual wonder – you do not know what God is going to do next Each morning you wake it is to be a “going out,” building in confidence on God. “Take no thought for your life, … nor yet for your body” take no thought for the things for which you did take thought before you “went out.”
…God does not tell you what He is going to do; He reveals to you Who He is…
…Let the attitude of the life be a continual “going out” in dependence upon God, and your life will have an ineffable charm about it which is a satisfaction to Jesus. You have to learn to go out of convictions, out of creeds, out of experiences, until so far as your faith is concerned, there is nothing between yourself and God.
~”Will You Go Out Without Knowing?” – My Utmost for His Highest
Oswald Chambers

I have been trying to think…a lot! Thinking really isn’t my problem; it’s the focusing on the thought – pondering, meditating – that can get skipped over. Thoughts fly in and out as quickly as my kids are growing these days. So, in the midst of the muddle that rests on top of my neck, I get a real thrill when I can read words written by those who could put pen on paper and make some sense out of what was going on in their minds.
The thought that sticks out the most is his finale – “until…there is nothing between yourself and God.” I was reading Proverbs 3 yesterday. In verse 6 the author writes “In all your ways acknowledge Him”. I did a quick word study and found out that in the Hebrew translation “ways” means “life, path, journey, worship” and “acknowledge” means “to know intimately”. So, it could read “In all your worship, know Him!”
That is what I hope my every day can become. I want nothing between God and me. I want another word for “my life” to be “my worship”. Through that worship I want know Him…so intimately that there is nothing between He and me.
I have read posts where people name their years like they name their children…prayerfully, thoughtfully, with purpose. I have done this the past two years. Two years ago was “Holy”, last year was “Joy…in Contentment”, this year…Shama (shaw-mah’). It is Hebrew for “given heed, obey, keep on listening, listen carefully, listen closely, listen obediently”* For all the thoughts in my head, I struggle to hear. So, this year, I purpose to Shama, I thoughtfully Shama, I prayerfully Shama.

Father, I give you my ears, my mind, my heart, my “worship”. I pray you take my offering daily, whether in pain or pleasure, in plenty or in want. Help me to recognize Your voice. All my Shama…all for You!

*from Strong’s Hebrew: 8085