Palm Sunday.  Cleansing Monday.  Watchful Tuesday.  Will I?  Wednesday.

Today, Jesus would walk back to Jerusalem, proclaiming God’s Kingdom (to His dying breath).  Today, the chief priests, elders, and scribes will plot Jesus’ death.  It’s probable that this is the night Judas’ betrayal begins.  (If he can’t be promised riches and ease in Jesus’ coming Kingdom, He will take the 30 silver coins that will instantly gratify.)

Today, will I allow His Words to cause an outrage of my soul?  Or, will I allow His Words to give me the Peace I so desperately want?  Will I hear Him for the one thousandth time and turn away and try to find a way to snuff out His Truth – to kill, or will I let His Truth set my passion for Him ablaze?  Today, will I betray my Savior for earthly gain, or will I trust my Savior for eternity…starting right here on earth?

Today, could I just let earthly things “be few” and eternal matters “be more” because “Jesus, I am so in love with You!”?  Today, will I let go of 30-some pieces of fire-devoured earth in order to hold onto unimaginable riches of fire-withstanding heaven?  Today, will I have ears to hear or fists to grip and fight?  Today will my heart be hard or will it be soft soil in His hands?  Today, will I hold fast to my anger, my bitterness, my greediness, my idolatry, or will I hold to my fast from what can only kill the body and hold fast to Who saves my soul?


*Scripture References found here.