Last year I joined a group that decided to memorize the book of Colossians in 2011.  The book!  It could have been a long shot, but it was a challenge.  What can I say?  I do have a bit of a drive when dared or challenged.  So, I  printed off scripture cards, 2 verses per/card, glued them onto a travel-size notebook, and began January 2 to do what I had only dreamed of doing before.  December came and I was on schedule, though I hadn’t recited it to Nathan in months, but the end was harder than the start.  (Nothing new, eh!?)  I had hidden around 70 words in my heart within a week at times, but toward the end even half of that seemed out of reach.  Then there was the slowing that Advent brings – the emptying of self, and I found the runner’s anticipated second wind!  On December 31 there was a warmth that flooded my soul and mind as I quoted Colossians 1, 2, 3, and 4 out loud!  It was His Words, not just wrapping themselves around me, but becoming part of my marrow.  This living and active sword is now wielding a whole new life in me – amazing!

This was not something I could stop!  Just like a runner thrives on running and a writer must write, a sword fighter has to know his/her sword.  I want to know Him more!  Jesus is the Word.  I must know the Word!  So, 2012…

I sought His Word toward the end of December; contemplating what should be next.  I had thought about another Epistle; they are similar in format.  But, He kept leading me back to Psalm 119.  (I told my husband, and he exclaimed “Psalm 119!  The longest chapter in the Bible!”  Yup, that’s the one!)  I’d have to change things a bit to get it all done within a year; so, 4 verses a week it is, but oh how they flow – how they clothe me as I speak them out loud!  And, He didn’t stop there!

Yesterday I completed watching a video series from Life Today; one where Beth Moore speaks on Praying the Word of God!  I sat on my cushy sofa, listening intently, writing diligently, and tearing up constantly.  I have written about living on every Word of God; I have tasted His very words in many experiences.  Then, there, as I sat in the early morning hours, I knew there was more to this “living”, and I wanted it!  It gave me a renewed pallet, fresh savory, and an intense craving for His Word – for more of Him!  It has driven me to do whatever it takes to get as close to Him as I possibly can here on this side of eternity!  I have access; why wait! (To be challenged by Mrs. Beth, go here and type Praying God’s Word in the search box on the page.  All of the 4 part series will show up.  After watching one, you will probably have to type the title of the series in the search box again for the next part.)

So, Friends and Dear Family, I want to extend the challenge to know Him more in 2012!  Pick a set of passages, a book, or Psalm 119, separate the passages as needed to complete in a year, and begin to feast on His rich morsels!  (If you’re doing Psalm 119, separating it into 4 verses for every week will get you done in a year and about 10 weeks to review!)

Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee. Psalm 119:11 KJV