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Little hands on a June evening/As the stars are coming out/He wants to capture fireflies,/But he doesn’t know how/Tears run faster than those little feet/Til Daddy says//Trust me, we can catch some light if we/Have our eyes open when it comes/Have your eyes open/Have your eyes open/When it comes//Maybe you sailed in with a bright vision/And you lost it on the way/Maybe you felt a bit of blindness/Would lessen your pain/You don’t think that life belongs to you/But I know better//Trust me, you can catch some light if you/keep your eyes open til it comes/Have your eyes open…/When it comes//You have heard of the strange figure/Who visited the poor/He gave his own body/To ransom their souls/Seems to good to be true/But you haven’t found it false//I believe there is a light coming to find you with your eyes open/Have your eyes open…/When it comes

~Christa Wells (with Ellie Holcomb)


This song isn’t the first one on the cd, nor is it the first one I heard from the cd. But it is the one that first had me on the cd. From the first strum on the guitar to the line on fireflies, this song grasped deep thoughts and memories of past days that get buried in the now of me. It could be the sound, the folk, the girl who is from NC who sings it, the friend who shared the cd with me, the many memories I have of being a little girl chasing my own backyard fireflies… It could be the mid-verses that remind me of dreams of old that have faded in the background only to hold up a life more beautiful than I could have ever imagined… It could be the final verse; the lines that speak of that Man Who drew me to Himself so many years ago in the most unspeakable, beautiful Way… It could be the truth of it all: How giving up on the light can be so tempting when you stand there trembling in all that seems lost, but how it’s just the darkness that is crumbling as it is being overcome.


These Lenten days can seem long and dark. They can seem to take away even though it’s your own choice to lay down. These dark days can seem impossible if I don’t have eyes open to Possible. Lenten days can seem about what our own strength is supposed to be able to handle or hand away, but it has everything to do with what we can’t handle. We need to make room for His Hand. These days can seem to be about…us and our sacrifice. We would be wrong. These days are all about Him and His. These Lenten days can seem to be about our dimly lit love trying to shine for Him, but really, these days, are about His perfect love shining forth for us.


How do we love like that? A love that lays down, bends low, pulls close, forgets sin, forgives faithfully, gives generously, dies…willingly.

…imitate His life and habits, if we wish to be truly enlightened and free from all blindness of heart. Let our chief effort, therefore, be to study the life of Jesus Christ.
~Thomas a Kempis