A run is a good time to think.  It is a good time to pray.  It is a good time for me to still my lips and let His Truth begin to sink in, take shape, and reform me.  Yesterday was just such a run.

Nathan and I have been reading and listening to this, and I am on this chapter.  Only 27 minutes into it and already I am convicted.

When Nathan and I went to visit his parents for the first time, they took us out to eat and handed us those brown little booklets and pens and said “Write.”  We were to write what we thought our life goals were and then switch and compare.  Would we be a fit?  It was a good list; a practice we may implement some day with four others.  I just wish I had known about this “other list”.  This other list would have saved a lot of dark days and hard nights.  This other list would have healed hurts before they festered out of control.  This other list would have trained me in the action of love over the words of love I have often dished out without substance.  So, I think it’s high time I made this other list.

How can I serve/love my husband?

~laying in bed longer than my internal clock wants me to in the morning, just because I know he likes me beside him

~hugging and kissing him before he leaves or I leave and then again when we return – always!

~rubbing his shoulders and back even if it seems pointless – my hands really can’t do much on that kind of strength!

~when going for a cup of something in the kitchen, always asking if he would like anything…maybe even just surprising him with something

~sitting beside him while he watches his seasonal sport…sometimes even without the ipod or book in hand

~making a greater effort to stay awake in the evenings when he wants to talk or show me something (how many times have I made myself stay awake for movies or reading blogs or books way into the night??)

~when out and about, thinking of something that I might get him that would let him know I was thinking of him when we weren’t together

~making dinner more often because I know he really appreciates the act – even if the meal is so-so

~praying for him, daily…several times daily

~appreciating and praising the little and big ways he helps around the house and just choosing to leave the “little irritants” be…in fact, let the little irritants be another way I can serve him by just taking care of them in joy

~when he reaches out to hold me – to extend touch – just letting myself enjoy his nearness – his touch

~when he is leading, follow

~when he is falling, picking up

~when he is sick, nursing

~when he is hungry, for food or more importantly for me, filling

~when he is depressed, suppress my selfishness and reach a hand and a heart right down in that mess and pull hard (how often has he done this for me in 10 years…atleast 10 times…more!)

~when he is struggling, strengthen

~when he is believing lies, speak Truth

~when I am believing lies, accept the Truth he speaks (sometimes the best gift I can give is accepting his)

~when I want to grumble long and loud, laugh long and loud instead

~when the dishes aren’t put away and the counter is covered with the mail he has brought in, smile and say “Thank you” because he brought in the mail

~when plans change, and my mouth starts to do that disturbing curl thing and I get real quiet and withdrawn…to stop, breathe in, accept, breathe out, say “yes”…with a smile

~when he is being Dad, be Mom…right there beside him, not beside them

~when he has had a full day at work, give him a place to be emptied so that I can refill him with my love

~when the day has been less than desirable, give him the desire of his heart

I jumped up to open the door for my love, (SOS 5:5)