I know…it’s a dark photo. In the morning I withhold as much non-natural light as possible. I like God to flood the house with it’s first light of the day; so, we waken to candlelight.

I snapped this image because I wanted you to see, yes, but because I also wanted to see. I wanted to see once again the sweetness of the life God has given me. Every morning I rise to try and spend a few uninterrupted moments of time with my Savior. Just Him and I, arising together in the quiet, dark morning. I yearn for these times…look forward to them as I close my eyes at night. I crave for more of that time, and struggle to keep my frustration in check each morning as “life” begins. It doesn’t seem to matter how early I try to rise, my children sense that “Mom’s awake!” and down the stairs they come. I am ashamed to admit that almost daily I have to make myself turn to them and smile and say “Good Morning” instead of looking at them with seriousness in my eyes and say “Go back to bed!” I just want more time with Him…I hunger for it throughout my whole day!

Then I am reminded of Jesus and how He also loved those times with His Father. He would climb the mountain before light and be with Him. I wonder if He had initial sorrow as He saw the first man climb the mountain in search of Him for “that” day. I wonder how the longing affected His attitude as He beheld the first face of the day…I wonder…and then I read…”…and He had compassion…” This compassion wasn’t pity or sympathy or empathy, it was love overflowing. It was His purpose, His passion, and he, she, we, were worth Him coming down the mountain each day. He, she, we, were worth Him coming down from Heaven so that we might ascend Mt. Zion with confidence.

Then I am reminded of my purpose, my passion…it is His. What I may see as interruptions are really my reasons for living. “The beautiful labor over a child never ends.” (Ann Voskamp) “No greater love than one lay down His life…” “I came to serve…” They are the “reasons” God has given me to wake and take in His breath, His nourishment, His love…He gives to this child that I may give to them. So, I pray once again this morning as I look out my window toward the mountain that is covered but is ever there, that God would extend His grace to this weak woman. That He would continue to pour His love and grace into this willing heart and mind until it overflows onto every cheek or mouth I kiss, every back I rub, every hand I hold, every tummy I tickle, every body I nourish, every heart and mind I try to feed with more of Him.

And here’s the wonderful Truth, if it is He that I tarried with on the mountain, then it is He that I tarry with as I walk down the mountain, into the valley, into the streets, into the day. “This is the day…”

#1. faithful musicians for Nathan
#2. learning Mark’s (the Gospel) Christmas Story
#3. a good Monday
#4. Timothy and Nathan’s opportunity to bond
#5. being humbled once again – a painful but good gift
#6. beginning to hide Colossians in my heart and mind
#7. a good family day
#8. a day of cleaning out the old and giving order and beauty to the new – with Aaron
#9. got to sit with Jessie O!
#10. snow day!