…then I know nothing of Calvary love!

“If, in any way, I belittle those who I am called to serve…

if I talk of their weak points in contrast, perhaps, with what I think of as my stronger points…

if I adopt a superior attitude, forgetting to consider the wisdom of the voice that asks me, inwardly, “Who made you different from the one you are criticizing – and what do you have that you have not been given?”…

if I can easily discuss the shortcomings or the sins of any man or woman…

if I can speak in an off-handed way, even of a child’s wrongdoing…

then I know nothing of Calvary love.”

~Amy Carmichael

“My Father, how often do my words “singe” someone else?  (And how much time do I spend thinking critically about another – so that nothing but words that singe come out?)

Today, Lord, work in me.  Change the thought-life in me when I strip others of dignity…or reduce them point by point…in order to build myself up.

And give me your voice, to speak words of value…admiration…encouragement…compassion…true kindness…”

~David Hazard

You Are My Hiding Place


Just some words I needed to be reminded of and savor today.


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