…earth is the work, and heaven is the rest. ~One Million Arrows


As these Baby Days of Summer are drawing to a close here in the mountains and my days are beckoning me to start, step-by-step, accomplishing atleast one thing more other than changing diapers, feeding children, doing laundry, picking up here and there, cleaning dishes, repeat :), I am finding that I have two choices. Choice one is something I choose too often and am really tired of falling prey to. It is the choice of least resistance, of least self-control, of most anxiety, of most impatience, and of the illusion of having it in my control while my little world spins out of control! It is the choice to fret – to feel overwhelmed and to overwhelm those in my life all for the sake of “I have to get this done right now!”

Choice two is the path I envision walking. The one the mature Christian-Anastasia would always choose. (The one, That Girl would undoubtably take!) It is the choice to resist trying to do it “my way or the highway.” It is the choice that still causes His aroma to fill every room in my home with peace as things are patiently, steadily getting done. It is the path that believes “life isn’t an emergency” and that interruptions are just really divine interventions. It is the choice that includes my husband and children instead of pushing them away. It is the path less chosen, but maybe – just maybe – this year I will be “surprised” and walk it. Wouldn’t that be lovely? To discover a new way, a better way, the best way – one where I’m not holding on to my own agendas but only holding onto His Right Hand.

In light of all that is coming our way – school schedules, fall kick-offs with the Church, resuming my teaching the K-5 kids on Sundays come September, Wednesday night meetings with the Church, holidays, and other activities that can quickly pass us by – I am seeking to do this His Way. Unhurried by my timetables, unmarred by my expectations, understanding these moments as His opportunities given to me as grace to live in and to hand out. So, I go back to these words by my Jennie-friend and I type out these “new” words by Dr. M.A. Thomas (Papa). (You can read more about him in the book I have just finished and am now savoring, One Million Arrows.*)

A Note From Papa

To my beloved reader,

Who is this Mighty Man, this Warrior, who wants His quiver full of arrows? ‘I looked up and saw a white horse. Its rider carried a bow, and a crown was placed on His head. He rode out to win many battles and gain the victory…’ (Revelation 6:2)
Only one Mighty Man in history fits this description – Jesus Christ. How wonderful it is to give our very own children into the hands of this Mighty Warrior and King of all kings to become arrows. He will use every single one placed into His hands for conquering the world with His love.
The Bible says happy and blessed is the man whose quiver is full of arrows to give to the Mighty Man…I am a blessed man.
Will you receive the blessing by giving your children into the hands of the Mighty King so they may truly help change the world with their gifts? …
Friend, arrows are not born or found on the road – they are made. It is a long, tedious, hard job. They must be put through fire, pounded, cut, shaped, and polished in order to be made worthy for the Master. Perhaps the size of the task is daunting, and it makes you afraid to try for fear of failure. Maybe you are afraid of offering yourself or your children to serve The Lord. If the fear is not gone from your heart, listen carefully to His words: ‘Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you. I will help you. I will uphold you with my victorious right hand’ (Isaiah 41:10).
As long as Christ reigns in your heart, you will never be a failure. He never made a single failure of those He called and who walked with and abided in Him. You will be able to challenge every person and every power under heaven that stands in your way of fulfilling His Word by making and sending arrows.
Go forward without fear. Go with The Lord and for The Lord. He promised that He will go with you, and you with God are the majority. No one can stand against you. Be strong and courageous when you go. Read and meditate up on the Word of God and obey it. Do not turn from it to the right or to the left.
Let us rise up and walk. This year is given to us not to sleep but to work for The Lord. Let us possess the world with the promised inheritance – the Good News of Jesus Christ reaching the world through His arrows.

All my love,


* Though the book One Million Arrows has been an amazing encouragement and challenge to me, I have recently found out some information about the author that leaves me a bit confused about her stances.  So, even though I do support the book and its message, I cannot condone some of what Julie is teaching and expressing in her current works/posts/talks.