The Message of the Flowers…

“Then it shone into my understanding that the message of the flowers was not just a reminder of God’s loving-kindnesses and tender mercies in our own daily lives. But just like all the beauties of nature which have been uttering forth his messages to me and telling me what God wants us to understand through them, so the flowers speak of the beautiful loving-kindnesses and tender mercies which he wants to shower on others through us. Just as the Brumbach falls remind me of his love pouring through us to others, and the peaks speak of the high places of faith to which he wants to lead us in order that we may pour ourselves down with life-bringing joy to others, so our daily walk is to be like flower-filled fields of beauty, comfort, cheer, and encouragement to everyone around…us…Now my heart is to be made like open fields of flowers for the joy of others.
“But on earth we are in a perfect environment for learning how to love as God loves: to abandon ourselves to loving the apparently unlovely people who remind us that in many ways we are still very unlovely ourselves!
“Love is…an overmastering passion to help and bless and deliver and comfort and strengthen and give joy to others just as the Lord Jesus always did.
“Here on earth we have the opportunity to do what the God of love does all the time, and to learn to abandon ourselves to loving, to giving, to seeking, and to saving others…To cast ourselves down like the…falls, in happy giving, asking for nothing in return except the joy of so doing. When we really begin to learn and practice that lesson we shall begin to feel “at home” in the eternal world of selfless love.
“God has been saying to me over and over again, “It is so happy to love without asking to be loved in return. Dare to be happy!
…It is an attitude of the will. I will cast myself down in giving. The lower I go the more love I am able to transmit from God to others, just like the Lord of love himself, who was not content until he found and took the lowest place in the universe.
“I spend my days on earth to learn this lesson, so that I may be able to love forever.”

Hinds Feet on High Places
by Hannah Hurnard

My Prayer…
You know that right now I am feeling constantly at war within. Any worldly peace that accompanies my life flees from my presence at every turn of my day. It is only Your peace that never leaves; thank you! I have great longings to be this girl in my head. The girl who has unlimited talents, un-exhausted joy, happiness, willingness. The girl who always radiates your peace, gentleness, patience, self-control, love. The girl who boldly stands for her faith, but in a way that doesn’t push people away but draws them to you. The girl who always has the energy and motivation and creativity to have fun and teach her children. The girl who has a constant desire for “time” with her husband apart from sitting and talking over coffee and hugs that just end at hugs. The girl with great wisdom to pass on in a non-offensive way that would lead others to want to come back and chat with the girl rather than avoid her. The girl who never has an aftertaste of “foot-in-mouth”!
The only way I have ever known to get victory in this type of battle is to serve-love-give. I know that Your thoughts toward me are great, numerous, intricate, lovely, full of godly emotion and Fatherly protection. I pray I will let You be my “enough”. Empty me. Fill me. Overflow through me. Lead me to “arrive” every day, in every circumstance, among any people with your love.
I am Your daughter. I pray that that will be the “girl” I am content with being. Help me to find out who Your daughter is supposed to be. As I open the “letters” you have given me in this journey on earth, reveal who You are, who I am to You, what I’m supposed to be and do, and how I am to run this race.
“This world has nothing for me…” “Be Thou my vision…”