The Joy of a New Season



Leaves and flowers – down to the last bud – are nourishing by the living sap within.  They do not cause it to rise, or regulate its flow.  They do not understand its mysterious power.  But as it flows through them, it revives them.  Renews them…we know that we must depend on something that is not of ourselves to keep us fresh and green.  Sometimes we are too spent even to pray…There are times when all that is asked of us is just what is asked of the leaves and flowers: They remain in the plant; the sap flows up to them: ‘As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you.  Now remain in my love…’ (John 15:9)

…’My Father, all that has gone cold and lifeless in me…is it just your planned stillness before new life flows?  Are the hands I’ve clenched in troubled prayer, like tight leaf-buds, about to spread into open-handed praise, because your Spirit comes again?  I believe, Father, that the joy of a new season in you is warming me right now…

~You Are My Hiding Place: A 40-Day Journey in the Company of Amy Carmichael,  Arranged by David Hazard

2 thoughts on “The Joy of a New Season

    1. Yes, I am finding this to be the way He does things. I am not still by nature, but long to be as I rest in Him.

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