The Girl

Hello there.  Thank you for stopping by. When Nathan first mentioned the title, Cafe of Grace, I quickly refused!  I do not own a cafe, and I would hate for people to be disappointed that this wasn’t a real place they could walk into and drink a cup of coffee or tea and just relax.  Then, God began to do a work within my heart, mind, and spirit. He opened my eyes to this weaving of grace that held all of these words – all of me – together.

I write about lessons I’m learning, beauty I am observing, and the grace I am experiencing. I love to study God’s Word; writing is the best avenue for me to process, ponder, grow in my understanding, and express my thoughts. I tend to be too serious, a bit nostalgic, and sometimes quirky.

Now, about The Girl…I was born and raised in North Carolina.  After high school I traveled to Missouri where I attended college and met that very creative husband.  We moved to Colorado Springs in 2006 with our 3 boys…then added a little girl in 2009…then another little girl in 2013.  We came here to start a Church Family…and She is growing strong!  I have this amazing opportunity to work at home some days, work from home other days, and volunteer outside of the home a few days a week.

What do I believe?  I stand with my husband and Church Family and say, we believe…

The Bible is the final authority for all we believe. (2 Timothy 3:16, 17)

We believe there is one God, eternally existing in three persons (the Trinity): Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. (John 1:1-14)

We believe God is the Creator of everything. (Genesis 1:1)

We believe we have all chosen to walk away from God and will justly die. (Romans 3:236:23)

We believe salvation is by the grace of God, not something we can earn on our own effort. It is found only in Jesus. (Romans 6:23John 14:6Ephesians 2:8, 9)

We believe Jesus is “God with us”. He was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, died to bring us back into a right relationship with God, rose from the dead, is now in heaven preparing an eternal home for those who follow Him, and will one day return. (Luke 1:1-4)

We believe the biblical response to God’s grace shown through Jesus is to turn from our sinful lives, declare Jesus as Lord, be immersed in His Name, and continue to grow in our relationship and knowledge of Him by loving Him with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and loving our neighbors as ourselves. (Acts 2:38, 39)

We believe those who have responded appropriately to God’s grace have His Spirit living in them, directing and guiding them. (Acts 2:382 Corinthians 5:4, 5)

We believe life doesn’t stop here. There will be a judgment of every person with those who have decided to live with and for Jesus inheriting eternal life and those who have decided to live without Jesus facing eternal separation from God. (Revelation 20:11-13)

We believe all who have accepted Jesus as Lord are joined together in His family, the Church. (Romans 12:4, 5)

My Passion?  Him.  His Life.  His Passion. His Bride. Prayer!

My Prayer?  That I grow in this Passion.  That I breathe no other air, eat no other manna, love no other god.  (And that my husband, children, and The Bride of Christ would do the same!)

My Verse?  Ha!  Truly, can there be just one?  Philippians 1:21…For to me, living means living for Christ, and dying is even better. 2 Timothy 2:9. But the word of God cannot be chained. Psalm 46:10…Be still and know that I am God…I will be exalted…!  Psalm 73:28…The nearness of God is my good.

My Banner: Cafe of Grace: living every moment steeped in His grace.  I love cafe’s or just bookstores with a coffee pot! I like to walk in, feel the nostalgia of quietness, rest, hot cups of coffee, and a special spot just for me.  It’s a place I can read and write and ponder all alone or meet a special friend to enjoy sweet fellowship. My first bookstore was one my dad took me to when I was little. It was in Greensboro, NC; owned by a man named Ben. It had been a frequented place by my dad when he was younger. Though it had an official name, we just referred to it as Ben’s Bookstore. Two-Stories full of books, old, ratty looking couches, wood floors and smudged windows. And, a regular old coffee pot that Ben brewed his (and anyone else who wanted some) coffee in.

I need His grace!  I find the closer I get to God, the more I recognize my need for it!  His holiness beckons to me, and the only way I can come into His presence is by His grace alone.  I used to sing this song in youth group with my best friend Hannah:

As I come into Your presence
Past the gates of praise
Into Your sanctuary
‘Til we’re standing face to face
I look upon You’re countenance
I see the fullness of Your grace
I can only bow down.. and say

You are awesome in this place,

Mighty God
You are awesome in this place,
Abba Father
You are worthy of our praise,
To You our life’s will raise
You are awesome in this place,
Mighty God

You are worthy of our praise,
To You our life’s will raise
You are awesome in this place,
Mighty God

Awesome in this Place

When you come to “visit,” I pray you can “walk in,” find your place, and grab your very own cup of grace!

You are wonderful and I am thankful!