As I was praying over this little, big blessing the other morning, I asked that she would live a life completely surrendered to Jesus. With those words, God took my thoughts and gave me His own.

What is a surrendered life? And why a surrendered life? Why give up everything? Why not hold on to some of what you want – your own life – and then take the pieces of His that you also want? God, being just like His amazing Self, took the simplicity of my own surroundings and taught me (just like Jesus did with the crowds and disciples).

Why do you clean school books, centerpieces, toys that have collected throughout the day, paper, crafts, and the many other objects that you have no idea why they’re there on the table off the table before dinner? So, you can place your relative “feast” before your family to eat. Why do you put down what’s in your hand(s)? So you can pick up what’s not. (In my case, usually a little girl. Either one, be she four or be she almost one.)


What’s the point of the surrendered, open-handed life? What’s the point of denying yourself daily? It’s not about the loss or the “no.” (Though that is exactly what the enemy would have you believe; it’s what he had Eve believing.) The empty hand and cleaned out heart/life is the very place we must begin to receive all from Him! If He is my “all in all” or my “enough,” the state of my life must show it. And if the state of my heart, mind, soul, and strength is filled up with much or all that is not Him, there is no room for the Lover of my Soul.

If I am not living the surrendered life before Christ, I am gaining the whole world and losing my soul. Christ came that we should have life and have it abundantly! It’s no wonder my life starts feeling lean when I try to fill it with all that is not Him and Him alone. The abundance this world has to offer is fleeting and moth eaten and, well, let’s be honest, will either rot or burn. The fullness of all Christ has to offer lies safe in Him, where nothing can destroy it.

Oh, Anastasia, why do you keep seeking the things that become dust in your hands instead of clinging to the Rock that cannot be shaken? Wake up! That surrendered life you are praying for your girl, live it before her! Live it with her!

“Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involve me and I understand.”
—Chinese proverb