Sunday’s Prayer – Tuesday’s Response


-I got to have my man home all day, but all his time was taken up working on the van but…
-for under $50 we now have safe and suitable transportation to go on our trip to MO and TX
-a mechanic friend of ours gave us help – we traded him some cinnamon rolls!
-we got to go on a family walk in the beautiful 70 degree weather yesterday
-Nathan and I had a serious relationship discussion AND came out the stronger for it!
-I received another Mother’s Day hand-made gift from my Christopher (made at school)
-I found a great deal on some yeast cleanse for Timothy (saved about 20-25 bucks!)
-Found out that we have about $350 more dollars than I thought!
-Spent time “dreaming” over what my backyard will become; I hope a place of beauty and rest and life
-God sustained me through a night that was too short

Even when days require you to walk through the valley, The Shepherd is near, always ready to help in times of need! Praise Him for His enduring love! Until Wednesday…