Sunday’s Prayer – Thursday’s Response

Above are just some of the “pictures” of my day that bring beauty to my life!
Now, for Thursday…

-I was able to get a little extra cuddle time in with my man!
-I had a much more slow-paced morning with my boys since there was no school! Hooray!
-I got to sit outside, drink coffee, and do some of my Bible study in my courtyard that Nathan worked so hard to make last summer – just the first of many coming up this summer-fall!
-Nathan wanted me to help him with some upcoming, amazing things at MPC – we don’t get to work together often in that arena…so I enjoyed every moment!
-I had the sweet opportunity to take a nap with my little girl (one of the pics above is what she looked like right before I had to wake her)
-The kids and I had a play-date with some friends; they were counting down the minutes so we wouldn’t be late!
-A good 3 hour! conversation with a friend
-Nathan was able to find the program he needed for his “upcoming, amazing things” at a discounted price – go ebay!
-Our little girl had a cute tummy time, watching her brothers play…then…she rolled over (she’s done this about 4-5 times now!)
-A fun pizza-movie night at our house (usually we have this on Friday, but it was a good night to do it so…we watched Return To Witch Mountain with the kids and they all stayed put to watch it…now there’s a miracle. By the end, 3/4 of them were already asleep. Christopher had to clean up his room all by himself…he’s getting so big. Two weeks and he’ll be a first grader! Ahhh, my little-big gift from God is still amazing to me!)
-More cuddle time with Nathan before I fell off to dream land.

Another wonderful, beautiful day. Thank you Father for giving me this simple, sweet life to live! I love my life!