Sunday’s Prayer – Monday’s Response

(I saved my four tulips from the snow!)

I prayed on Sunday night for my Monday, mainly because my Monday’s can be MONDAYS! I wanted something different this week, and every week from now on! So, how did God answer my prayer? Well, let’s take it a day at a time…


-I awoke beside the man I love (and who loves me lavishly)
-I was able to get a good exercise in
-I had my “quiet time” with God (quiet time at my house usually includes greeting each child as they wake up for the day, hugging them, getting them breakfast, and settling them downstairs while I come back upstairs to continue my devotions for the day…bliss!)
-a good schooling time with each child…extra patience where it was needed with each
-a beautiful and fun time at the park, twice!
-a sweet time with Aaron and Hannah while we went to two different stores and the bank
-a fun evening of grilling HUGE burgers (very yummy too!), reading The Cat in the Hat, praying with little boys and little girl before bed, hugging each little boy several times after lights were out, rocking a very tired little princess, calling a friend before her day of surgery, getting my church responsibilities accomplished, and cuddling with Nathan on the couch while catching up on some 24
-ending the day tired but with a sense of great accomplishment, finishing a chapter in Hinds Feet On High Places, reading my evening scriptures, more cuddling with my husband, and falling fast asleep while my husband said our nightly prayers

Yes, my friends, altogether a Marvelous Monday! Stay tuned for Tuesday…