Sunny Day…



A Girl, her bling-bling glasses, and…her cottage cheese.



In hindsight, I really should have put the glasses on her too.


We have a driver on our hands!


and for as long as I can keep getting him to smile with me…


A Southern Momma, A Mid-West to West Boy, and the sweet tea that binds them together:)!

and for as long he’ll keep lovin’ on his sister and for as long as she’ll let him…


The day was relaxing and simple.  Nathan got to come home early (!!) and we had a leisurely afternoon.  Took Miss Cute to dance camp and caught a glimpse of Friday night’s performance…ooo!  (We still had some hard moments with our Grace Girl today, but I know He is in this with us.  In the midst I know we will all be learning and growing in Him together.)

We had our homemade pizza night and just when I thought the day was going to end close-to-perfect, the enemy came at me full force.  He knows my weaknesses – what makes me tremble and hurt, and he enjoys thoroughly tripping me up.  I wish I could say I stomped on him quick and furiously, but I let him have his way for a bit.  It took a screaming, teething baby girl who wrestled against her momma for awhile during a time of night I would have rather been sleeping, for God to get my attention.  When all I wanted to do was get that girl to calm down so we could both go back to sleep, God got me to talk to Him…to surrender to Him…and to once again, trust and obey. Sometimes, Papa is very persistent in His, “do not go to bed angry” command.  And me, I’m so thankful that His hand was gentle but firm!

Oh no, He never lets go…


…through the calm…