Sometimes…life is simply fun!

Timothy enjoys building his own Lego Cities.

Timothy enjoys building his own Lego Cities and listening to music on the IPOD.

We began our day with Bible Study, sugar cereal (well, I was good and had a banana and cinnamon-sugar toast), Lego building, and doing the Happy Dance!

(Eek! I can’t believe I posted a video of myself and my very un-done hair for the whole world to see. Then again, it’s quite freeing to be fearless enough to do it! Adult-hood with children has its perks…many of them:)!)

Then we had a game of “Monster’s Inc. Reenactment”

Later we took lunch up to Dad.

We came home in the afternoon and enjoyed about 30 minutes at the park across from our house.  Aaron joined some other neighborhood boys for football and I pushed Hannah on the swing while also tossing the frisbee with Timothy.  Fun in the afternoon sun!  42 degrees never felt so good!

The afternoon was complete by a napping baby (for 2+ hours!), homemade popcorn, Despicable Me 2, a quiet time to prepare dinner, and a couple kids playing limbo with the jump rope out back.

There are many nights that Nathan and I are literally dragging ourselves up the stairs to put the kids to bed.  Most nights we pray, give out hugs and kisses, take Miss Cute to the bathroom, tuck kids in, bounce a baby girl to sleep, and then make our way back downstairs, sleepily, to try and spend an hour or so together.  (Let’s be honest – I usually fall asleep on the Man’s shoulder.  It is a great shoulder!)

Tonight, though, as our first day of Spring Break concluded, I found I had so much more energy than usual.  We put the kiddos to bed and I actually got to read to them.  It’s something I always want to do before bed because we all enjoy it, but it rarely happens. Tonight, were two stories from Mercer Mayer’s Little Critter Collection.  Little Critter is one of our all time favorites!  Aaron got the book from my dad a couple years back, I think.  The pages are barely hanging on to the spine.  Aaron knows most of them by heart; he and Little Critter have quite a lot in common!  But, it wasn’t just my Roo that sat up to see and hear tonight; even the ten year old, who I have to push and prod to laugh and have fun with mom these days, pushed up on his elbows to join in.  (We also watched Winnie the Pooh t.v. episodes today; two of our favorite characters in one day!)


Daddy’s lots of fun and he loves his girls!

IMG_2443Everything put together, I’d say Day One of Spring Break 2014 was a success!  Who knows what’s in store for tomorrow; whatever it is, I’m already excited!

P.S. I am hoping to get in a few pages of this wonderful book before bed.  (It’s my mini-vacation back to NC when the real thing can’t happen.)

I re-read this entire series about once a year.  The new book in The Father Tim series is coming out this September!  My Autumn is already made and it's only just Spring!

I re-read this entire series about once a year. The new book in The Father Tim series is coming out this September! My Autumn is already made and it’s only just Spring!