Sometimes I Just Want It to be Easy!

Sometimes, I just want it to be easy! I want the house to come together, the kids to all have right attitudes, the mom to have a right attitude, the dad to have enough energy for the day, the dogs to only come when I call, the chores to happen on my time, the schooling to be enjoyable and productive, the quiet time to actually be quiet, the bread to rise as it should, the mud to stay outside, the legos to stay inside…

Sometimes, I tell ya, I just want it to be easy! But…
…When it’s not, I notice it more. When we’ve had to work hard to keep priorities at the top and keep extras just that – extra, I end the day smiling over the efforts and energy and heart and mind that went into “a good day”. When a new habit starts and stops and then starts again, seeking it’s own consistency and time and place in our home – our family environment…and then it sticks, ahh, the feeling of joy in the accomplishment!
Sometimes I just want it to be easy…but more than that I want to know that whatever I’ve done, has been to His glory (I Corinthians 10:31). (Rarely is that easy, though always rewarding!)

The “gifts” come in all shapes and sizes. Whether in the shape of a little boys hands working diligently with pencil and paper to complete subtraction, in the size of the time it takes to wash dishes and memorize scripture and entertain a baby girl with magnetic letter, or in the spaced-moments it takes to worship Him through words in a blog…the gifts are sweet, worthwhile, and all mine! He has given them to me, in my world, in my atmosphere, in my “such a time”. May I never tire of the effort to obtain His gifts…His heart.

#11 – a great talk with Mom; answered prayers for Shaina
#12 – rocking and reading with Hannah
#13 – time with Nathan
#14 – some financial peace!
#15 – seeing the “red” clouds with Timothy
#16 – sweet time with Aaron
#17 – a day to take the moments as they come…correcting, teaching, encouraging, loving…