Well, I can honestly say, “Okay.” The kids did amazing last week with no electronic games, no t.v., and no legos; so, when Daddy had to leave for an overnight trip, Momma ordered pizza and we watched Dolphin Tale. Then on Saturday, when Momma would have loved to have lounged in front of some Saturday morning cartoons, we picked our workout right back up with minimal fussing.

The fasting in between meals (no snacks) has been a little bit harder. Apparently I snack! But it really has been like an internal (almost typed eternal…ha!) alarm clock to stop and remember Who fills me. (Okay, so I just got back from a homeschool mom gathering…we had snacks…and lifegroup nights…snacks…and Sunday…I guess I thought to myself the chips and salsa before the burgers were done would be closely related to an appetizer you would order as part of your dinner at Chilis.)

My “scheduled” prayer and Bible reading times (apart from my morning time) haven’t really been scheduled. I find myself praying throughout the day and because of the books that interest me, there are usually scriptures I come across throughout my day, too. Still, the point is to be intentional…

It has also been a bit hard to not spend some extra money. (cause, you know, we have so much extra…join me for a good laugh right now……………………………………………………….. etc.) On Wednesday mornings we take the girls out to breakfast, as all our boys are in school that day and on Tuesday afternoons we sometimes meet Nathan for coffee at the local Starbucks and Lowes has recently had a mulch sale that I really want to take advantage of…blah, blah, blah. So, yes, those times have been hard, but once again, the reminder that it gives is good when I don’t focus on what I’m not having and turn my eyes toward Who I do!

Nathan made the comment last week that giving things up hasn’t been the hardest part, it’s the filling that “fast” up with actions that draw us closer to God that are. He’s very right! I can have the kids read more, play outside more, or do more school work, but that’s not the point. (I will tell you that not having them have allotted electronic time has meant more messes which I’m told in every parenting book and blog that I should enjoy. OOookayyy.)

I am working my way through Hosea which has been ugly, beautiful, in your face, and completely full of His grace! I’m also continuing to memorize passages from John with Ann this year; meanwhile, my husband is memorizing chapters in Ephesians in two hours. Smile…really big…he’s awesome…I love him…makes my year-long flip book look pitiful! Thank you, O Love of my Life!

As I was typing up Lifegroup notes this week, I realized I didn’t think I could rightfully do it. We talked about failure, how it was inevitable (okay, that I could rightfully do), but that by believing in Christ, we already “won” or achieved our spiritual fit-ness the moment we sought Him for forgiveness. Umm, I’m not good at it. It was hard to read and type scriptures I have known for years and yet was no more closer to living in that freedom. I know the “right” answers; I don’t always know the tangible, daily reality of what that’s supposed to look like.

There you have it, Stephani, my days late update:)!
The following are some pics from our first week sans t.v., electronic games, and legos.
Eyes are falling…must sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!












(Did you notice the hotdog nachos? Ummm, I have no words. Don’t judge!)
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