Saturday morning I gathered up all my books and journals and coffee and made my way to our backyard sitting area.  (That wonderful place my husband labored so hard to give me the year I was carrying “Grace” Joy.)  I sat down, took a sip, picked up the pen, and wrote the most wonderful 4-digit number…1,000!  I don’t even have the date of when I began counting; so, I’m not sure how long it took me to get here from 1.  I have actually had very few 1,000 in my life, and I believe the ones I have had never linger more than a day in an electronic bank account before some “Company” receives them.  This 1,000 far exceeds any of those!  They were based on earthly toils for some sort of earthly gain; this was a heavenly storehouse of gifts that were given to me freely to enjoy on earth while living for all eternity.  I sat, looking at 1,000 (“-dwelling in Him…for alteast 1,000 thanksgivings…overwhelmed by His love…”), and began worshiping with tears flowing freely.  Oh how He loves me, and I have counted the ways!

I have written of the light, of simplicity, of messes, of laughter, of tears, of freedom, of struggle, of wind and sun and rain, of beauty, of ashes.  I have written down His gifts…His presents and His presence.  I have really just begun; 1,000 is just the end of the beginning.

As I sat still in His arms and allowed His love to overwhelm me I realized that for 1,000 times (and more) He has whispered His love into my ear, molded it into my heart, echoed it in my mind.  I have come to know the One Who first loved me.  I have still only walked the surface…getting only ankles wet…but the treasures await.  My heart is set, my gaze fixed, my mind made up…and deeper still, I will go!

I will wake morning after morning with eyes wide open.  I listen closely, touch intentionally, sing and dance spontaneously, follow willingly.  I will open hands wide and smile when the gift is given and when it is taken.  I will shed tears when the hard mounds or when joy abounds.  I will keep living, and I will stop to truly experience life.  I will thank…I will count…I will speak…I will write…I will because He does.

Eucharisteo…communion…thanksgiving…beauty from the ashes…unity from what was broken…cleansing from what was spilled red…(new) life from death.  This is my journey to heaven.  I will live this life for the next one; anything to be closer to Him!  I will live for eternity, while here on this earth.

Counting still…going deeper still…


the Word of God prevailing

Truth – honest moments


a new day

3 helpful little boys and a wonderfully helpful husband

little girl with a pony-tail

“Grace’s” voice

praying for Nathan (one of my most humbling, intense, exciting honors)

a moment of stillness before the work of day begins

gazing at the crescent moon through an opening between tree branches (I see the moon and the moon sees me)

dwelling in Him…for (atleast) 1,000 thanksgivings…overwhelmed by His love…

the stillness of a Sunday morning

Miss Cute eating cheerios with milk and a spoon

transplanted plants still alive

recognizing the need for His miracles today – He is able!