Out An’ About With Grandma

I remember goin’ and doin’ with Grandma (some started calling her Granny, but Grandma was always my choice – already had a Granny on my Dad’s side). She took me to church when I was real young. They were very charismatic churches as I recall. I think I was always just amused. Grandma stopped attending regular services after awhile, but when I’d ask her about it, she always said “but I love Jesus.” She did. We would play Yahtzee at Grandma’s house (if no one was there, she’d play by herself – won ever’ time!) while listening to the AM gospel stations. I always remember singin’ “And He Walked With Me” with her. Games…there was a time when atleast once a week 5 or 6 of us would go to Grandma’s to play cards (UNO, Rummy, …) while drinkin’ tea out of mason jars and eatin’ a big ole’ pot ‘a butter beans or collard greens.

Grandma picked ’em herself (the beans and collards) usually with U. Benny (her son). I’d go along sometimes – I think she stopped takin’ me cause I was no help – really! We’d go cleanin’ with Aunt Mary, get a to go box of Chinese food (looking back, I know she always wanted more, but gave me a generous helpin’), and watch Matlock, Price Is Right, soaps, news, and Sweatin’ To The Oldies (aw, sometimes we did the “sweatin'” too, just not as much as we watched and laughed!)…

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  1. I like reading your thoughts about your grandma. One thing I appreciate about Allen’s family is that they tell about their past in stories. I hope to write down some story memories of my mom like you are doing with your grandma memories. I also wish I knew more, the 14 years of my life with her were mostly about getting to know myself, not her. I am thankful for others that knew her in a different relationship – an adult relationship vs. a child relationship. How did she do it? Being a mom.

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