Tuesday night I sat in front of my computer screen while the kids watched something highly inspiring with Dad (SpongeBob…hmmm…), and I was able to be a part of the Say Yes To God webcast.   Two ladies, Ann Voskamp and Lysa TerKeurst, spoke on living an every day life saying “Yes to God!”  One never really knows if they’re in the right place at the right time until the time has past; may I just say, I was!


  • Matthew 5:8 “see God” – really know Him; get intentional about living
  • will you see God 365 days a year?
  • I give Him my willingness and I get to know Him
  • Prov. 11:25
  • Don’t miss the noise (count it as a gift!)
  • Pray: God interrupt me today…before my feet hit the floor, I say “Yes” to God
  • As I climb into bed I want to be able to say “God I didn’t miss you today”
  • I may want to be in Christ, but am I willing to be inconvenienced?
  • Every time I say “no” to God, I am saying “yes” to the Enemy
  • Peace isn’t the absence of the dark, it’s the assurance of God’s presence in the dark
  • When you need peace, say “yes” to His purposes
  • Peace is not a place, Peace is a Person!
  • In Him, you’re not wrecked, you’re rescued, never a loser – lavished in love
  • Say Yes to His love
  • Will I say Yes to His Yes to me?
  • A life contemplating the love of Christ is a catalyst to living out the love of Christ
  • Romans 8:32
  • Say Yes to the goodness of God in this moment
  • Abah – to say Yes to God (Isa. 1:19…no yield in our lives unless we say Yes to the Lord)
  • Abah – to breathe after…the things we long after
  • What are our hearts saying Yes to?
  • YHWH – breathing God’s very Name…are breathing Yes to Him?
  • Yes Breath: I am forgiven, loved, cherished, restored, made whole, complete, Shalom (at peace)
  • Do I trust Him enough in this moment to keep saying Yes
  • Are His words to me consistent with His Word, character, with other messages I’m hearing, Is this beyond me (my strength0, would this please God?  (When trying to discern what He wants me to do)
  • How can one’s writing be different than how they talk to you outside of cyber-world? It is coming to a vertical thought, internal quiet place…seeing God’s messages in my days
  • Create a space for God…a Pause
  • My life needs to reflect my Yes to God…my joy
  • I may want to be rescued, but do I want to be refined?
  • God and I are meant to be companions
  • At the end of the day it’s not about what I’ve done, but Who I have been with
  • Life is not an equation that balances out…life with Christ just has some kind of balance to it
  • Instead of worrying about what’s next, begin to wonder how He will show Himself in this situation
  • Whatever the problem ultimately is, Jesus ultimately wins
  • If you wait to say Yes to God, we’ll miss saying Yes to God

All that was spoken that night resonated with me; the highlighted points just really struck my core.  Words on Peace and Worry are at the forefront of my mind these days…one will win.  I’m rooting for the one that starts with P and ends with EACE!  Though the webcast is over, these two ladies continue to share their experiences, insight, wisdom, and love throughout the week.  If you need a little “mentoring” go to aholyexperience.com and/or http://lysaterkeurst.com/

Recognize your blessings so you can be blessed!  And always SAY YES! when He calls!