It takes God to do anything anywhere.
…nothing can touch the conscience of the people, and utterly reverse their view of things, and radically alter them, but God.
But we believe that our God, Who comprehended the dust of the earth in a measure…we believe to see Him work, with Whom is strength and effectual working.
So again and yet again we ask you to pray not less for the Reform movement, and the Educational movement, and the Civilising movement…but far more for the Movement of the Breath of God, and far more for us His workers here, that we may abide in Him without Whom we can do nothing.
~A. Carmichael in Things As They Are: Mission Work in Southern India

Today as I read this, I could not help but be drawn to pray this for where I live and for the many countries elsewhere who, though they may be in desperate need of many social and political reforms or “salvations”, are in even greater need of the revolution and revival and salvation of Christ in their lives! This is deeply personal and widely inclusive of all mankind. Let these truths begin in me and you and let them spread as a wildfire to every far corner and every near crevice, all for His glory and our salvation! Amen and Amen.