I love the morning. To clarify, I’m not the jump out of bed and be giddy kind of morning person; rather, I am the rise slowly and savor the quiet kind of person. If there was a time of day I wish could stand still a bit longer, it’s the time before the light fills the sky – that moment when the dark still hovers while the light peeks through wisps of dark blue clouds. It’s like God is wrapping me up in a blanket and like a little child comforted and snuggled, I am content.

I love natural light. My husband is always asking why I don’t turn on the lights, and really, I don’t know why. I’m a reader and a writer, both of which go much smoother with light! But, for a reason I do not know, for as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed seeing things through the light of day or by candle-lantern light rather than the light of a bulb. So, to sit early in the morning on my squishy couch, surrounded by books, journals, and pens strewn about, and read by the dimmest light possible while the world lights up, is my sanctuary. It’s a meeting place for DAD and I. It’s the time and place I come to Him with all I am, undistracted, and receive from Him. It’s also a time and place where I offer to Him my confession and repentance, if needed, as well as offer Him my day. It is a time I ask Him to once again give me His eyes to see, His heart to love, His hands to serve, His thoughts toward my tasks and others, and His compassion to share. It is a place I go to receive from Him what I hope to offer to others that day.


“Life itself was in Him, and this life gives light to everyone. The light shines in the darkness…” ~John 1:4-5

DAD, I pray that today I will serve and love with the intent to glorify You – to reveal You to whoever I am with. While I clean and prepare places and meals, may my desire be to prepare a way for You to enter into our lives. Whatever “tools” and resources You have placed before me, may I use them in the best ways to honor You and bless others. Thank you for the morning, and thank you for the light. I pray that the riches You and I have shared in this morning will pour out onto others all day long. Much love, DAD, Amen.