…the key to all effective ministry -to do what the Father is doing, exactly at the right time…

Leave space in your mind-set for the whisperings of the Holy Spirit to lead you somewhere fresh at any time.

…dependence on the Holy Spirit is the key to all authentic worship (God seeks worshippers who will worship in Spirit and Truth)

…true worship leaders – people who, with their lives, and when they gather together, keep alive the romance of the first love with hearts that are always ready for the unpredictable.

-Matt Redman The Unquenchable Worshipper

When Nathan first started the ministry of “Worship Pastor”, someone asked us how he planned on leading people in worship outside of Sunday. I had never heard a question like that before, but it has left a mark on my mind and heart! Not just for Nathan, but for myself!
So, I kept those words within for three years; all the while praying about them, praying for Nathan and his ministry, and praying for God’s direction. Then came the day Nathan arrived home after a “summit” and told me about Worship Unrated. I knew this wasn’t a “new idea” per say. Something similar has been done before and will be done again. But, I was so excited that God had not forgotten that question that had been asked and the prayers that had later accompanied it.
Nathan desires to be what Matt Redman refers to as a “lead worshipper”. He doesn’t want to just lead singing on Sunday and then send The Church out for the rest of the week with nothing but a tune and a melody. Those can be quite catchy but hardly enough to stand on when you’re trying to live all out for God in a world that’s all about itself! So, I have been excited to be a part of this Worship Unrated thing. I write for it, follow it, and try to do atleast some of its applications. What I didn’t expect was the non-relenting challenge it has created in me to live – worship God all of the time, in all things, in many ways. I have the forever question flashing in my head and heart, “Are you worshiping, here?” Which means, am I doing this as if doing it for Him?
When I get up early and read my Bible, my devotional book, write in my journal, pray…am I worshiping? When I greet my little-big blessings as they come down the stairs, maybe before I’d like them to, am I worshiping? When I greet my dogs (!) in the morning, am I worshiping God with my attitude and tone? When I hear my little girl cry from her room as she lets me know she’s awake, is my initial response worshipful? When I prepare meals, clean stinky bathrooms (!), fold and put away too many clothes, clean the kitchen for the 100th time in one morning, school children, break up arguments, calm a child, hug a child, hold and kiss and talk to my man, insist upon quiet time…am I worshiping Him? When I show up on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings at the church building and talk to people, sing to Him, pray with others to Him, listen to a message, hold a crying child, have to go get a screaming child, teach children, take communion, give an offering…am I worshiping.
Sometimes this question is like a never-ending gong in my head that I wish would quiet down a bit…but,then, no…I know I wouldn’t want it to. Because, if I am going to live for all eternity worshiping my Savior, I want to get a head start here. I want to, not because of me, her, him, or them, but because of Jesus and my deep love for Him and my desire to love Him as much as this frame can possibly love while here on this earth, in this atmosphere!
All this to explain my “ponderings” and “more ponderings”. They are many, and if I’m anything like my Dad, they won’t be stopping any time soon!