More of My Thoughts on Their Words

Ever since I can remember I have loved to read! My Dad instilled such a love of books in me; (and I believe my mom read to me when she was pregnant with me so that counts too!). Along with a love for the written word, I thrive very much on the comments of many a person. I find great wisdom from such “mentors”. I also enjoy passing along these quotes in hopes that others find encouragement by them. So, with a few comments of my own, I leave you with these to ponder…

“…there is always a price to pay for what is worthwhile.” -Rosalind Goforth
Is this not true? Whether it be for a relationship, (for love is quite costly – it requires all of ones self given to all of another’s!) or for a great goal or for wisdom…”to whom much has been given, much will be required!”

“How often do we attempt work for God to the limit of our incompetency rather than to the limit of God’s omnipotency.” -Hudson Taylor
In the past year I have read several quotes that are similar to this one. My best guess is that God would have me “get it!” I really ask so little of Him. I ask for things like a little more money to pay for this and that. I ask for “a good day”. I’ve even ventured to ask Him for green grass…in Colorado Springs (that one may not be such a small request, hmmm…). Yet, what of the things “not of this world?” What of the things that “He sees?” What of the riches of heavenly storehouses…surely there’s more in there than money! I’m on a spiritual quest to find out what God would have me ask for so that He may give beyond earthly means; that He may give within His means! Can this earth even prepare for such gifts? Can this life? Well, I shall venture to do it nonetheless; I have a feeling I will be overwhelmed so if I pour out onto others so be it and praise Him for it!

“One of the great regrets now as I look back on life, is that I so seldom gave the Lord a chance to use me – so often too busy – too much taken up by lesser things to heed the cry of souls at hand!” -Rosalind Goforth
Can I just shout I DO NOT WANT THIS TO BE MY STORY! I’m sure anyone who knew Mrs. Goforth might beg to differ with her, but usually our own awareness cuts us to the quick. We who love our Savior seek always to be more at his disposal! Tasks must be done – clothes washed, families fed (at my house I might as well leave the refridgerator and cabinets open!), bathrooms cleaned, floors swept (thank goodness for dogs:)), and the such. But have they taken me away from playing cars with my little boys? from sitting and holding my youngest? from dancing and jumping with my very active Timothy? Regretably yes. Sometimes that’s ok, even children need to learn to wait, but must they have waited a whole week? Have these “tasks” kept me from calling a dear elderly friend? or writing a letter/card to someone most deserving of encouragement or a thank you? or taking the time to get to know my neighbors! or praying alone with God! I want to “heed the cry of souls at hand!” I want first to recognize them, to hear them! “Oh, Father, may I be as focused on You as Your Son was while here on earth and while He is yet still as He dwells with us.”

If you have any quotes you’d like to share with me, I’d love to read them!

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