For a whole year we wait! Life and loss have both occurred, and we just haven’t found the time and money to get together.

It finally all comes together, well, maybe not the money part…(smile)…

Grandparents and Aunt and Uncle arrive on a beautiful day in May, right as friends from Italy are heading out the door. I had spent the day before cleaning and arranging and organizing…

This is just what happens when ten people – two families – come together. We bring our messes, we extend mercy for the messes and differences, and we live in merriment inspite of it all because we want to be together.

The family really is a representation of God the Father and His children – His family. Two came together; One came in His perfection and the others came with all their mess! He has extended the mercy for the messes, and now we live in the merriment of being together with God – Creator, Lord, Alpha, Omega…Dad.
So, I give thanks in the mess, I remember His mercies, and we live together.