Ladies of Loflins

Breakfasts at Loflins with Grandma and Aunt Betty and sometimes Memaw were so much fun! Jokes, laughter, weather, coffee (hot chocolate when I was younger)…french toast for me, some kind of soda for Mom, an order of toast or biscuits for Grandma and Aunt Betty to split with the tomato Grandma brought from home. (If Memaw were there something with dry toast and if Aunt Mary came, a plate with poached eggs, toast, and…) We were the “regulars” along with Mr. Crouse and a few other “early mornin'” men. We needn’t wait on the waitresses, we got the place started (well, usually Mr. Crouse on the coffee and us on the conversation!) We’d sit, drink coffee, eat, talk – loud – to everyone (as it should be!) til the place was gettin’ too full for the loud, talkative ways of the Ward women – or until someone had to go to work…

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