This is a yummy flat bread…I hope to try to make it soon…oh please turn out good!

Does anyone else’s refridgerator-top look like this? Hey, we need more storage space! Gotta be creative and resourceful!

Moved the mixer down…it’s too heavy for me to keep lifting off of the window box and back up again!
Turned the table around and pushed it against the wall…thought I’d have to “fight” to keep it this way. But Nathan was so amazed at how much walking space he had that he paced for the rest of the evening in and out of the kitchen…the little things!

I really need that antique white bookshelf, asap!
I share these pics above not because I am so clingy to this earth and the materials that I do have but because I am truly thankful for the blessings God has given me and the beauty He daily provides. I recently moved things around a bit, and Nathan and I continue to be amazed at how much bigger the main level looks now!

Don’t be alarmed…I’m not showing you this to blame some little boy for jumping on the bed…quite the contrary! This, my friends, is just proof that I had a nap! Yes, be jealous, be envious, but please don’t be mad! I highly recommend this form of relaxation to all my friends and loved ones!