On coming close to the manger…on realizing He did all this because He loved me and wanted me close to Him forever…


I close my eyes, silent myself, and try to just take a trip to that rugged, messy stable.  I try to feel the air, smell the muck, and hear the sounds.  I want to know, what would my response be…what is my response to His love now?

Even now, after years of hearing this, His Story…hiStory, when I take myself there, I have no words.  The actions I have are very few; in fact the only one I know for sure that I have is…breath.  I bow…I breathe.  I stand…I  breathe.  I smile…I breathe.  I tear up…I breathe.  I sing…I breathe.  I selah…I breathe.  The very love that should leave me breath-less, actually always causes me to breathe – to have life.  It is the origin of breath – the song of breathing that causes You to see deeper into Your created purpose; your very life is found right there in the inhale and the exhale.  In…YH…exit…WH.

So, at the base of the manger and the foot of the cross, I may have many postures and displays of praise, but always…always this one thing – I BREATHE.