I have no idea why I love autumn so much.  Maybe it’s because my birthday is in November.  Maybe it’s because it’s when school always began…I loved school!  Maybe it’s because that’s when Everybody’s Day is in my hometown.  Maybe it’s the football games, the homecomings, the great running weather, and the warmer clothes.  Could just be the changing of the leaves, the crunch under my feet, the sights and smells of apples and pumpkins!  Maybe the family get-togethers, bonfires, smores, lots more coffee and hot tea and hot apple cider!  Honestly, it’s my “New Year!”  A time when I deep clean, rearrange, plan, want to get rid of the old and – yes…guilty – get some new.  I decorate, bake, sit and read, get outdoors with my little ones and big one (smile).  I feel inspired – like I could do anything!

This year I increased my running and got a new hair-do just for the occasion of Autumn!  And we are getting rid of the old…an old carpet that got soaked in a basement flooding…and getting new…new paint and carpet!  I know this line generally goes with Christmas time, which is another “Joy” for me, but this time of year I start singing…”It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!!!”  So, below are just some captured autumn blessings in my life!  Enjoy…and please, share your own!

Warm drinks with my husband and with friends is one of my favorite comforts!

My first try at peach cobbler…so good I made a second one this week!

First autumn meal included chili, homemade cornbread, and that cobbler!

Coffee is usually my hot drink of choice, but this tea is pure autumn…can’t pass it up!

Autumn Art!

Live…Faith…the life we are all meant to engage in!  I put an Autumn blooming flower (recently forgot its real name) in these inspiring vases…now I’m inspired even more!

Good reads by my favorite fiction author, Jan Karon, and those decorative leaves…they don’t crunch, but they look inviting!

Probably my favorite autumn scent wafting through my house this season!

There’s that famous “letter” that contained wonderful Eastern Autumn leaves from a Dear Friend!  How will I ever repay such kindness?!

Mums truly are some of my favorite flowers. Why?  They mean Autumn is here, ofcourse!

Final picture of Autumn Floral Beauty in my back yard!