It all began with a prayer the year we moved here to Colorado.  We traveled hours and miles, and after 3 weeks of living in transit, we finally began unpacking and placing our life into these four walls here on Piros Drive.  At that time I woke every day to 3 little boys…3 and under.  My cup was really full already; nevertheless, God began to stir within me a dream.  During my prayer time I began to pray for a little girl.  It wasn’t a lack of completeness, or feeling loss or less…it was just a prayer.  Smile.  Is anything ever just a prayer?!  Then one day I felt overcome with this desire to pray for two.  I was shocked!  And I think I remember laughing outright over such an idea!  I didn’t know what God was going to do with this prayer.  I often used the word twins…but maybe looking back it was just “two”.  Almost 3 years later our Hannah (Grace) Joy arrived…one.  Again, I didn’t feel lack or loss or less…content actually, but left wondering “what about two?”  I really thought that prayer was stirred by God…definitely NOT my own thoughts!

After bending the knees, heads, and hearts at the boys’ beds one night, Christopher says, “We still need another girl…another sister…there needs to be two.”  The husband and I smiled at each other and tried to explain we really felt God had completed this family living on Piros Drive, but little boys don’t just stop asking.  Soon after the sporatic mentions of another sister we had a Compassion Sunday at the church on the hill, and I heard it again…”two”.  So after all was over, before the table was torn down, I took the oldest over to pick out his new sister.  Now as we pray before bed we bless “Daddy, Mommy, Christopher, Timothy, Aaron, Hannah, and Jenifer.”

Jenifer is still just a picture and a prayer for little boys who try to understand having a sister who doesn’t live with us, and maybe she started out that way for the Husband and I too.  But, as Steven Curtis Chapman sings “When love takes you in, and says you belong…the miracle starts with the beat of a heart.”  Jenifer’s impact in our lives has only just begun, but the miracles that will unfold keep me smiling at the future.  She is “two” – the answer to a 3 year prayer.

Children are eternal beings, created by God for His pleasure and purposes.  We as adults/parents have the wonderful and humbling opportunity and responsibility to bring the little children to Jesus (Mark 10:14)!  With that perspective in mind, sponsoring a child gives a life a new paradigm…an everlasting one!  Each monthly gift becomes an investment in a life that will hopefully grow and prosper in health, education, and spirit.  Every letter relays words that we hope will cause many smiles, much felt love, and hope for her days.  Every prayer is us taking our “sister” to the very throne of God…where there is fullness of joy!  Helping to “raise” her there is helping us to raise the 3 boys and 1 girl here, and all of them are raising The Husband and me to new heights with our Father!

Would you consider having another child?  Would you take the gift of life given to you and open your hands and heart to share it with others?  Would you use the freedom you’ve been given to release children from poverty…in the Name of Jesus?  It all begins with a prayer…


If you or someone you know would like to sponsor a child through Compassion you can contact them directly by going to their website or talk with a Compassion Advocate or Sponsor within your Church Family.