Saturday was just one of those amazing, right days!  A couple of kids had play practice, a husband had praise band rehearsal, a couple of kids were playing and laughing together, and I had a whole morning to live joy.  How?  Maybe not what would constitute someone else’s joy, but it was surely mine!  I cleaned!  I have needed to have a day to scrub deeper, to go through papers, to organize a bit more, to actually wash, dry, fold, and put away laundry, and I delighted in every moment!  I lit my Autumn Wreath scent, turned on my “happy music” (if you know me, you know that includes a certain Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra), and began to clean bathrooms.

I really do enjoy making things clean.  I was reading Anne of Windy Poplars last week, and I remembered why I just loved these books as a kid!  Anne is a like-able friend, even outside the pages!  She was helping clean up after a wedding and told the girl she was washing dishes with how she enjoyed making things clean.  I smiled big – a kindred spirit!  There is something very spiritual about picking up the dirty, washing it, wiping it, and putting it away clean.  I suppose it gives me this sweet camaraderie with Father.  So, for about five hours I had “homemade” joy!  The air outside was cold.  We didn’t get any snow, but the cold was comforting just the same.  The coffee pot stayed on for most of the day – those are truly rich days!

After Nathan and the boys came back home, we had an afternoon completely at home – well, except for the quick trip to Costco;)  Nathan and the kids enjoyed college ball and some baseball (you might have found me down there a little, too…I’m trying!), and I took myself upstairs to read Seasons.  It was then, there, that I was led to read Psalm 73.  It was then, there, that I found the verse that might hold hands with my other “life verse.”

This verse gave reason to all the counting.  This verse gave me footing on why I keep going back to thanks, even when it’s only a whisper in the mind.  This verse gave me encouragement as I have been giving thanks when others aren’t able to yet.  This verse is why I can smile at the future, why I can get up this morning and repent and receive new – not old and borrowed – mercies, this verse is why I can hope in the run, the walk, the kneeling, the falling face down.

I posted it yesterday, but wanted to share it today as well.

But as for me, the nearness of God is my good;

I have made the Lord God my refuge,

That I may tell of all Thy works.

Psalm 73:28

It’s just this: when days are all Autumn Wreaths and Christmas Carols, He is near.  When days are all thorns and prickles – like Katherine in Anne of Windy Poplars – He is near.  When I’m overwhelmed by peace and joy and gratitude, He is near.  When I am drowning in debt, despair, and disease, He is near.  All this living, whether on the heights or in the depths, is made good and rich, all because He is near!  Why else would we ever give thanks?  If it’s to some “unknown in the universe” or an attempt to add more Yin to your Yang, really it is vain and empty.  There is no substance in thanking nothing.  But to give thanks to the God Almighty, to the Creator of Heaven and Earth, Who has made Himself known to all, there is power, there is realness, there are miracles!

So, why get up to another Monday – the nearness of God is my good.  Why spend another day teaching – the nearness of God is my good.  Why take the extra time to disciple young hearts, when I could really use some extra time for something else?  The nearness of God is my good.  Why trade “me time” for “he and me time?”  The nearness of God is my good.  Why give thanks instead of curse when things breaking break a day?  The nearness of God is my good. Why give thanks when disease instead of delight has our days? The nearness of God is my good.  Why give thanks when there is unemployment, when there is poverty, when children die of starvation every day, when a little girl goes missing, when the darkness of the world seems darker than the brightest light?  The nearness of God is my good.  Why hope that today I might be a little closer to being the woman of God I long to be, when I come to the table no better than yesterday?  The nearness of God is my good.


It is a flag worth waving, an anthem worth singing, a Truth worth proclaiming, a life worth living…

The nearness of God is my good.

All because His nearness is my Good!


Momma’s new job

Nathan’s day off

the cold air

“But as for me, the nearness of God is my good, I have made the Lord God my refuge…” Psalm 73:28

Timothy’s note

cold hands on a warm mug

watching the clouds lift and reveal the beauty of the mountain

all my Littles awake

early morning Sunday breakfast with Nathan – before the world awoke

the sun’s reflection

flocks flying by

a breath of peace

a breath of joy


petunias trembling in the morning whips…leaves…all praising His Name

a heart so full

Momma starts her new job today!

Little Sister’s excited, prayerful text at 4:30 am!

birds singing-chanting in a new day

Mums that are still closed

Mums that are radiantly open

beginning of a Monday

answering Bible Questions last night with Nathan and Stephani