I have inherited Your testimonies forever,
For they are the joy of my heart (Psalm 119:111)

Forever, O Lord,
Your word is settled in heaven. (Psalm 119:89)

From the Journal…

Your Word is my inheritance and it is settled in heaven.  It is eternal, it never fades or runs out.  When we think of the word “inheritance,” we automatically think of those things of the the earth.  We dream of what we might do when we “get” this or that, and after we “do” something with it, inevitably, “it” will be gone – it has an end.

Your Word is here, NOW, for our taking.  We can open It, use It, live on It, change the world (by your Power) with It, and It will never be spent!  BUT, do we?  Do we relish the inheritance we have or do we keep letting it sit while waiting on something that will fade?  Do we discard Your Word as mere words?  God help us to see Them for what They really are – for Who They really are – our Sword, our Portion, our Hope, our Promises, our Wisdom, our Delight, our Riches, our Greatest Longing, our Purest Desire, our Faithful, our Life, our Understanding, our Light (our Leading), our Joy, our Refuge and Strength, our Integrity, our Foundation, our Help, our Peace, our Salvation, our LOVE, and our Savior (Psalm 119, John 1)!

May we not stake our life – our plans and dreams – on lesser things.  Father, may my desires for all else pale, fade, disappear in light of my love for You!

Take hold of our hearts and minds and spirits, Lord; do what You have promised Your Spirit would do in and through us.  Don’t delay!

Jesus, help me live here while living for “there”

O, glorious there!

For here it is such a struggle.

The longing to be with You,

In Your fullness and without my sin and distraction.

The longing to have no more longings –

finding my fulfillment in You.

The place where there is no dimness to try and look through,

But the clearest of realities of You!

O, Jesus, You have let me have a taste of heaven,

And nothing else satisfies.

Nothing else settles right.

Like a chef who knows quality

and can’t be satisfied or delighted by anything less…

That is my state.

I am trying to take joy and delight here

But it all falls short of all You have in store.

Yet, thankful I will be because You have commanded it

And joy I will take because You have offered it

And longing I will accept because You have ordained it

That I might not trade my Bridegroom

For some facade of love.

“In Christ alone, my hope is found…”