For rain on windows and flowers and earth…for little boys who are already talking about “when I go to college” and “when I get married”…for a husband to live in love with daily…I smile.  I pray you find your own smile today and all the tomorrows!

Counting the blessings…


a new dress

a son complimenting mom

the rain

sweet friendships

reuniting with friends and family

late nights and early mornings

coffee (using the last of the spare)

a fight in my mind (Greater is He in me…)

cloud-colored sky

the smell of new-mown grass and honeysuckle

cleaning the kitchen with the family

reading and holding to a hot, tired, and worked up little boy

reading a bedtime story – and making them laugh

consoling Miss Grace in the middle of the night

learning to trust his love…and His love

fuller relief

wings, family, games, and laughter

a holistic need for Him

hugging and kissing little boys with “I love you’s”

coming home to a clean home

being still

little boys…savoring their fleeting “little-ness”

living “in love”

anticipation of a new school year

little boys excited about lunch boxes and backpacks

cleaning the kitchen with Christopher