Thoughts on my walk this beautiful morning…

I had dreams…
I actually didn’t dream about my current reality. (But I love my reality!)
Why does God give us dreams or allow us to dream if most of them don’t come true or turn out the way we imagined?

The world tells us we only have a little time to fit it all in…that if we don’t experience…or go…then we’ve truly missed out! Really? For all eternity Paris, Italy, Scotland, Ireland, Hawaii will be the best there is?

God created all of those places and their beauty. God is Creator. He can’t not create…it is Who He Is! He must create…for all eternity! The same God Who created all there is on this earth is “preparing a place for us”. An artist doesn’t “arrive”…he doesn’t just create a masterpiece at 20 years old and then decide that’s the best he can/will do and stop. No. He strives for better, greater, more! God is an Artist…a Creator…He didn’t create the world…which He announced as ‘good’…and then hang up His Creator’s jacket for all eternity. No, God continued to create because that is Who He Is!

So, back to my dreams…what’s the point? Are they like all other gifts God entrusts to us…to build for what’s to come? I have come to understand that some dreams are meant for a season, some are meant to keep, some are meant to share, and all are meant to surrender. “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.” “His ways are higher than (our) ways…His thoughts…(our) thoughts.” All the dreams I give to Him may not come back to me or return in the same way. Some may be meant for me to start so someone else can finish. Many dreams have given me a drive to atleast do something (!) and the path that He takes me on just turns a few more times than I had anticipated.

So, if I don’t get to live it here will I be okay? Will I feel cheated or less than or unsatisfied? If I listen to the voices around me, yes. If I choose to have ears that really hear and eyes that really see, I can opt out of those lies. If I never get to see the mountains in Ireland or Scotland or even on the far west of Colorado I will have lived no less and I will not have missed out! If God made those, I can’t even begin to imagine what He’s carved out in Mt. Zion! If I never achieve that, write that, or speak that will I die less of a person? No! “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul?” Keep your treasure where neither rust or moth destroy!

The point to all these thoughts…keep focused! Remember your citizenship! Remember your purpose…to bring glory to HIS NAME! Not make one for myself. It’s not about me, it’s not about you…it’s about HIM! Our passion is to love Him! And here’s the amazing kicker…He has made His about loving us. He doesn’t sit around and ask when He’ll get to do something or experience something…we are His dream, His desire, His delight…and He has the power to do whatever, whenever…and He chooses us. Without regret or remorse, He chooses us. Do I do the same? I hope so, and if He catches me not (or if you do…whoever you might be) I pray He will not wait a single minute before righting my heart, mind, and spirit.

Finish walk…turn to look at the mountain…pray…walk inside…live today for Him.