The inspired writers were men of like passion with us, dwelling in the midst of life.  What they learned about God became to them a sword, a shield, a hammer; it became their life motivation, their good hope, and their confident expectation.


To say God is good, that He is faithful, sometimes seems just “the right thing to say”.  If we know anything about His character or Person, we understand that He is so, but if we begin to look around at our circumstances or even our person, we can doubt.  For even the most faithful person here on earth will fall; even the most good, will dabble in the bad.  We look around us at a fallen world, a created world, and we assume the Creator of it all is just as fallen and created.  Yes.  We make Him into what we can touch and feel and wrap our heads, hearts, and hands around.  We dethrone Him.  With our lives running after all but Him, we say, “Hear oh world, The Lord…He is…but one of many.”  Oh, I how I tremble!

Why do I try to make God – The One Who Is all I need and want – into something or someone who is less than enough for me?  It is futile.  No matter what my mind may do to His status, His power, His goodness, His faithfulness, or His love, He Is still God!  Still Powerful, still Good, still Faithful, still Love!

This year our church family will be studying the entire Word of God – Genesis to Revelation – using The Story as a tool to do so.  What I pray – what I hope – is that with every turn of these sacred pages, my passion will increase and drive me on to greater love and sole devotion to the One True God!  I know no other way to experience this drive, this “knowing,” than  to open His Word and let Him have His way in me!  I pray what I learn about Him will become a sword, a shield, a hammer; (will become my) life motivation, (my) good hope, and (my) confident expectation.  I pray, with my whole being, that I will experience absolutely all that God has planned for me here!  (I wonder…Jesus was a man of purpose and intentionality.  He finished all He came to do…in 3 years.  He didn’t turn to the right or to the left; He did not let anything or anyone distract Him from what He was called to do.  So, I wonder…how long would really be here instead of in heaven if we just got to doing what He calls us to do, instead of wasting time on what we’re not.  Just a thought to ponder…)

When I meet Jesus face to face, I know it will be more than I can imagine or even physically handle!  But what I pray will be the case is this: I want to have lived in sweet communion with Him so deep here, that the only next step would be heaven.  I want to squeeze every ounce out of the “Spirit-life” here, so that there is nothing left but to walk straight into His arms.  I truly want to be able to say of my life, my calling, my purpose – “It is finished!”, not “Well, I did most of it…” or “I did what I could” or “If only I’d had more time.”  3 years!  Jesus accomplished the salvation of the entire world in 3 years!  I have enough time, if I use every moment to walk in His ways, give Him glory, say “Yes” instead of “wait” or “later”, and open every moment as a gift…from Him to me…from me to _______.  See, time is truly a gift because it was a Timeless, Eternal God who created it and gave it.  He does not live in a 24 hour span.  It was He who gave it to us.  Precious.  Holy.  Sacred.  Time.

In an age where we don’t have time to do ______ because we might miss watching __________ or when we don’t have time to get together with friends, family, or a searching disciple of Christ because we are too busy spending time with “friends” on our social networks, time might be what we need to guard…with our very lives!

In the next 9-10 months, as we read about our History within His Story, I pray to know the time.  I want to know when it is time to teach and when it is time to learn…when it is time to speak and when it is time to listen…when it is time to buy and when it is time to put the wallet and catalogues away…when it is time to stay inside and when it is time to go knock on someone’s door…when it is time to weep with someone and when it is time to rejoice with them…when it is time to stay and when it is time to go…when it is a time to dance and when it is a time to mourn…when it is a time to “friend” and “like” and when it is a time to be with the friends that I like…when it is time to comment and when it is time to walk away…when it is time to lament and when it is time to gather courage and strength in joy…when it is time to say “no” and when it is time to say “yes”…when it is time to count…all His blessings…as His grace…every moment…all the time…His mercies in disguise!


forgiveness…slow but sure

healing…slow but sure

a chat with a sweet friend

prayers for a hard situation

prayers for a hard me

mountain still stands

sun still rises

sparrows – in flocks – still swoop

getting little girl her milk and tucking her back into bed

a new day…hope of a new me?