When was the last time you had communion?

About 2 years ago or so I stumbled upon a word that would forever change me.  One could say that I had heard this word forever, and they would be right.  But I can honestly say that I have truly just begun to know this word…to live it.  One can walk past the same building or house or person for years and never really know them.  I have been guilty of living life around this word instead of with it.

In Luke 22:17-19 we read about Christ sitting down with His disciples for His final Passover meal.  He had already washed their dirty feet and challenged them to do the same.  He had stated what was about to happen to Him – a horrid death for all mankind, and He had told Judas, His friend who He knew would betray Him, to go and do his business quickly.  After all this, He begins to pass the cup and break the bread.  Before the cup and the bread leave His hands, though, Jesus gives thanks.

After He washes dirty feet, after He tells them He will suffer and die, and after He looks straight into the eyes of His betrayer, Jesus gives thanks.  In fact, I believe Jesus had already been giving thanks; for, He tells His disciples He had been eagerly awaiting for this night.  Jesus eucharisteo – Jesus gave thanks.

We come weekly to drink juice and eat bread in remembrance of Christ’s death, but do we remember to partake of all of communion?  Jesus and His disciples didn’t just come together to drink and eat – in fact nothing touched the lips before thanksgiving did.  Communion didn’t happen without eucharisteo – giving thanks.

When was the last time you had communion? Last week, did you come forward and take the bread and the cup and eat and drink?  Did you sit silently?  Did you bow your head?  Did you give thanks?  Did you thank Him for His suffering?  His death?  His resurrection?  Did you thank Him for the person sitting to your right or left?  Did you thank Him for the sun rising or the wind blowing?  Did you thank Him for the cup off coffee you had or the hug from your spouse or child?  Did you thank Him for the bill you just don’t know how you will pay?  Did you thank Him for your suffering, your sickness, or your sorrow?  Did you thank Him for your blessings, your healing, or your joy?  Did you have communion?

Communion with God will never be fully experienced until we first give thanks.  When we give thanks, we recognize the Giver.  We open our hand to any and all He gives – for Christ it was His broken body and shed blood and the salvation made possible for all mankind that He was giving thanks for.   Not really a cartwheels moment for Him, but a joy unspeakable moment.  He counted it all joy because we are His joy.  Will we count it all joy because He is our joy?  I pray I will.  I hope you will too.

*an exert from Sunday’s Prayer Service


light and water dancing together this morning

an afternoon breeze to sit in

pink lemonade in a mason jar

cone flowers blooming in my back yard

joining community

flowers sitting in the window box

little girl’s hair ties in a recycled jar

purple flowers spilling over

Christopher taking responsibility

a time to work

a time to play

a time to rest

a time to celebrate

giving a friend a flower from my garden

raspberries spilling on the floor

washing raspberries

eating raspberries

Timothy reading, writing, and playing in the back yard

him loving me through my mood

the coffee he made just for me this morning

ice water in a mason jar

raspberries in the ice water in a mason jar

His light, His Word, and a cup of coffee – worship in the morning