Today was the day we had been waiting for.  The day all of our children really began “school” for the new year.  My younger boys have been going for two weeks, while Christopher, the oldest, has been doing review…until this day came.  Today was his first day at his homeschool co-op.  What a sweet picture of excitement and nervousness he was this morning, and what a view of happiness he was this afternoon when we picked him up.  We had prayed about this year; wondering who would go where and when.  We finally came to a peace about sending two to public school (one full day, one half) and one to a co-op once a week and homeschool the rest of the week.  People ask if we homeschool or public school and I smile and say “yes!”  Yearly we pray, yearly we listen, and yearly we make a decision by faith…all the while continuing to pray, listen, and make decisions.

This also was a “new year” day for myself.  I had time this morning to sit in the cool morning and pray and read and write.  I read Sally’s post and decided to follow her lead.  God and I came up with 5 attributes that I will aim to be and grow in to…

-a woman clothed well and only in the wardrobe of Christ (Colossians 3)

-a woman who smiles at the future and always has kindness on her lips (Proverbs 31)

-to be always about my Father’s business (serving, loving, forgiving, sharing the Gospel…)

-to be known by my love (to be “called Christian”) so that He is known

-to live eternally…beginning here…on earth

There is no 3-step plan for any of these; no timeline either.  These goals can’t be measured or graded on any earthly scale for the sole reason that they aren’t meant to gain me something on this earth.  I will never walk a runway with the clothes I hope to wear.  I will never have an organizer or a savings account that will plan my future or hold my kindness.  I won’t be climbing some ladder to the top doing His business – if anything I will have to go lower and lower.  I won’t gain a name for myself by my love…because Love is His name.  And my abundance and riches won’t accumulate here because my storage space doesn’t reside on this earth, and my heart and mind are set to the heavenlies.  I have been given every spiritual blessing, and I plan on opening and using every one!

So here’s to a Happy New Year!