On a day called Good Friday, when all that happened on that day seemed bad, would you be willing to look into the heavenlies, see past the nails, blood, and death, and see the One ,Who Is Good, making your life possible?

If He is teaching me anything this year (and last) it’s that He is Good! (You know, all the time.) Can I just testify to the fact that in the past year situations have rarely stayed good for long. I have felt like I was walking in darkness, but I know His promise that when He came “those who walk in darkness will see a great Light!” And it’s that Light, my Savior, and my love for Him – no matter the darkness required for me to walk through – that keeps me getting up. He gives only light enough for the next step (daily manna), but in that kind of journey He keeps me clinging to Him…trusting only Him…letting everything else fade as I look full into His wonderful face! Today is Good only because of the Goodness of Christ and His Life!