So, I was Dared, and I Dared  you!  I went on a Joy Hunt, and look what I’ve found so far in January!

1597 – 1599: the drive to complete a challenge or commitment, how I grew up, my love relationship with God; 1600 – 1602: the majesty of that mountain that stands faithfully outside my front window , this kitchen table – so much gathering happens here , a very warm and buttery English muffin – I should have taken a picture, but it was too yummy!; 1604 – 1606: “we weren’t meant to relate” ~Nathan, “I need you Mom” ~Hannah, “I want to hold your hand” ~Aaron; 1607 – 1609: the pink sweater Ms. Norma gave me for Christmas in Leonard, MO, the camera Nathan got me for Christmas so I could capture grace, the blue KJV Bible my Dad bought me when I became a Christian – still my favorite…tears…; 1610 – 1612: My Hiding Place by Amy Carmichael , Mushroom-Chicken already in the Crock Pot for tonight’s supper, that autumn family picture in the frame he brought back from Honduras; 1613 – 1615: an Elizabeth Elliot book on guidance for those moments I have to wait, raspberry and blackberry crumble, Psalm 119:1-8 (along with Colossians); 1616 – 1618: tender and tactful words from Monica, Sarah sharing girl clothes, my Little Sister’s Christmas gift – handmade!; 1619 -1621: sunlight streaming through the shades , the shadow of the Willow Tree Nativity on the wall by moonlight, how my fingers left an imprint through the dust on that Old Blue KJV Bible; 1622 – 1624: Nathan’s hand, the boys’ lego-covered room, sitting with Christopher, talking about sentences and the early American colonies; 1625 – 1627: mouth puckering berries , enjoying homemade slushies with the kids on Wednesday , his kiss; 1628 – 1630: the flame of a much used candle, the lamp light that keeps on turning on, new spring line of coffee cups that are a soothing and simple yellow (I could almost melt in their hue); 1631 – 1633: dust bunnies hanging from the popcorn ceiling, the crumb-covered kitchen floor, that ottoman that he made sure I got – how he loves too!; 1638 – 1640: the sound of my little boy’s voice as he tells me he “just doesn’t feel good!”, Christopher’s voice saying “It was a lovely day!”, Timothy saying “Yes Mommy!”; 1641 – 1643: a flock of doves swooping overhead – amazing, a section just for our group of ladies to sit on Saturday, “more than I could imagine” with our new neighbors/friends; 1644 – 1646: warm, soft socks , giving a couple cookies to 2 Jr. High girls, sharing o.j. and cereal with Hannah on Sunday night; 1651 – 1653: Aaron with a book on his head, Timothy getting to wear shorts and play outside , Hannah so excited as Daddy comes through the door

Just more evidence of why I Love My Simple Life!  Keep counting…He can be counted on!